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Wien: Two Indians and a Jew: Mid-Season Holiday Special

(01/04/17 6:36am)

We return from a winter hiatus to catch up with the women of North Mass 310. Kayuri is in Warsaw, Poland, Corinne is in South Bend, Indiana and I am in New Rochelle, New York. Tasked with writing a column about friendship, but having nothing particularly new to say about it, I present to you the season finale of “Two Indians and a Jew,” the fictional sitcom about our own friendship. All text in italics is drawn verbatim from our group iMessage. All other text is subject to poetic liberties.

Time Travel: Forming Relationships at Dartmouth

(01/04/17 5:20am)

Thanks to the small student population, the D-Plan, and the ever-important concept of facetime, friendships at Dartmouth are constantly forming and evolving. Freshmen arrive at Dartmouth Outing Club First-Year Trips without knowing anyone, while upperclassmen can hardly walk across the Green, much less navigate FoCo at dinnertime, without seeing a familiar face. In this timeline, we have highlighted some of the pivotal points for friendships at Dartmouth. Maybe you’ll find some commonalities, or maybe your friendships have followed a different path. Regardless, it’s probably time for a Trip reunion.

Body Positivity and Social Media

(11/09/16 6:41am)

I started @curvedandcontoured as an Instagram account dedicated to makeup, feminism and body positivity, which is a feminist movement focused on improving self-esteem and body image. In particular, I do so by addressing issues like fat shaming. I have always been interested in body image, largely because I have had an eating disorder for most of my life. In high school, I lost 35 pounds and was praised by friends, teachers and family for working hard to become “healthy,” even though these eating habits were incredibly harmful to my health. Because of my eating disorder, I spent almost every moment of my life obsessing over thinness, an ideal I could never seem to achieve. I eventually started eating again, so I naturally gained a lot of weight. Right now, I weigh about 90 pounds more than I did at the height of my eating disorder, and for the first time in my life, I don’t hate my body.

Most beautiful YouTuber: Joelle Park '19

(11/09/16 6:42am)

Joelle Park ’19 knows who she is, and it’s inspiring. She mixes confidence with humility, hoop earrings with sports jerseys and badass dance moves with Bible study. She has mastered the anecdote. One time, Park used a penny board as her main form of transportation around campus, but she ran over a pebble, suffered the self described “lamest-fall-ever” and was confined to a cast for the rest of the term. One time, she was training for possible problem scenarios as an undergraduate advisor, and the simulation actors started crawling across furniture and throwing things, basically morphing into the cafeteria jungle scene from “Mean Girls.” One time, Park decided to make some YouTube videos and accidentally became semi-famous.

Most beautiful singer: Ali Vannett '20.

(11/09/16 6:41am)

If she isn’t America’s sweetheart, which she very arguably might be, she is certainly Fargo, North Dakota’s. Meet Ali Vannett ’20. She isn’t just your average perfect girl-next-door, though you’re going to wish she was your neighbor (think Taylor Swift’s “You Belong with Me” music video). This girl packs a punch. Don’t let her good looks fool you — Is it even legal to have brows that good? Does she model for Anastasia Beverley Hills, and if not, why not? There is money to be made here, people.