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Finding humor in a sometimes-unfunny world

(01/25/17 7:20am)

Harambe. The 2016 election. El Chapo. Brexit. The list goes on. A look back at 2016 tells us that humor is the most prevalent when there is a pervading sense of discomfort about current events. Memes filled Twitter feeds, and late-night comedy shows never ran out of material. While some may not admit it, comedy has the power to make us laugh during the hard times.

Making it in the entertainment industry

(01/25/17 7:05am)

Amelia Acosta ’14 currently works for NBC News in Manhattan, New York. As part of the on-air talent department, her work includes finding, training and developing on-air talent. Since applying to the NBC Page program her senior year of college, she has held a variety of positions, including working on “Saturday Night Live.” Acosta has found working for NBC exciting, especially in the time leading up to the 2016 presidential election. The Dartmouth sat down with Acosta to learn more about her experience within the fields of comedy and entertainment.

The real Dr. Seuss

(01/25/17 7:00am)

Who was “Dr. Seuss” at Dartmouth? An athlete? A scholar? A trickster? The Dartmouth Mirror sat down with English professor and the Ted and Helen Geisel Third Century Professor Donald Pease to find out. He is the author of “Theodor Geisel,” a biography about the Dartmouth ’25 and popular children’s book author known as Dr. Seuss.

Courses take Dartmouth students around the world

(01/17/17 7:10am)

The six-week period of time between fall term and winter term is a time when most students can take a break from their difficult classes and maybe catch up on some Netflix. However, a few classes didn’t end with fall term exams: Several upper-level classes in a variety of departments incorporated an international travel component during winter break. Traveling to countries including India, Poland and Ukraine, certain Dartmouth students challenged themselves across the globe while their peers relaxed at home.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

(01/17/17 7:05am)

I forget sometimes. Like many Dartmouth students, I forget that the sun does not orbit diligently around the College on the Hill and that, yes in fact, there is a world beyond this campus. There are mountains to be climbed, salsas to be danced and baguettes to be eaten, and if there is any student body ready to accept such challenges, Dartmouth is surely it. This is not to say that studying abroad is simply a 10-week term of dancing and eating, however fun that might be. Studying abroad enables Dartmouth students to look at the world without our green-colored lenses.

Finding a home at Dartmouth

(01/17/17 7:00am)

For many incoming freshmen, the trials and tribulations of transitioning into the college lifestyle are similar. Students miss their hometowns, parents, pets, friends and even pesky little siblings. After arriving on campus, new students will individually learn their preferred methods of adjustment with time: how often to call home, what days to do laundry, what to order at Lou’s. Many of these issues stem from the unfamiliarity of a new place and a new life. International students, who comprise eight percent of the undergraduate student body, deal with similar challenges. Though international students may have to learn how to navigate the sugar-rich American foods in the dining hall or may have to adopt new lingo, there is no one international student experience.

Behind the scenes with Programming Board and Friday Night Rock

(01/11/17 9:37am)

Dartmouth students have the privilege of enjoying frequent concerts on campus. Just check your email or read the posters posted all over campus, and chances are, there’s at least one upcoming concert. To shed some light on the process of how musical artists make it all the way to Hanover, The Dartmouth sat down with booking manager, Alek Abate ’17 and general manager, Alison Guh ’17 of Friday Night Rock and executive director Jack Kirsch ’17 of the Programming Board, two organizations that keep the on-campus, live music scene thriving.

Editor's Note

(01/11/17 9:45am)

Alright, alright, alright. It’s Week Two and your Mirror editors are back in the newsroom for another night of downing KAF coffee, comparing InDesign tips and investigating whether eating a raw potato is a crime. And, of course, we’re listening to Spotify as we work. In this music-themed issue, we profile student groups, talk with a former student who’s making it big in the industry and delve into musical outlets on campus.

Wien: Introducing the Vomlettes

(01/11/17 10:00am)

This episode of “Two Indians and a Jew” opens with a pan. We see the room, light streaming in from the east-facing windows. Morning sounds carry up from Mass Row, this is prime eavesdropping territory. By the door is a black and white glossy poster of One Direction. Kayuri is a “Directioner.” I remember her saying this early on in our friendship. One of the first text conversations we had, in the summer of 2013 before we even moved in, was about our music tastes. I’m sure I brought it up and I’m sure I was posturing. Kayuri wrote that she loves One Direction, and I remember staring at my phone wondering why she was admitting this. Why wasn’t she posturing? Surely she was aware this was uncool and therefore unacceptable to admit so early on in the relationship.