Editors' Note

by Kylee Sibilia and Nikhita Hingorani | 9/18/19 2:30am

With a summer of exciting experiences behind us and an autumn of endless possibilities ahead of us, this term is one of new beginnings. The ’23s are navigating being away from home for the  first time, the ’22s are exploring a new sense of place on campus, many ’21s are completing their  first term in different locations than their friends and the ’20s are appreciating their last “firsts” of Dartmouth. But regardless of what year you are, the sea of new faces, ideas, perspectives and opportunities surrounding us during this time can make anyone feel a little lost. 

In this week’s Mirror, we explore inclusivity at Dartmouth — particularly how it is built by the communities we are a part of and strengthened through the experiences that we have during our time here. We explore a new consortium on campus, take a closer look at the exhibits on display in Baker-Berry and consider the College’s role in the current immigration debate. The new beginnings of this September don’t just apply to our lives as students — it also means new approaches to how we view ourselves as people and our greater roles in society. 

This term, we urge you to try something new but stay passionate about what it is that you care about. Strike up a conversation with your neighbor in your 9L, and appreciate being in a new setting and not knowing any of the people around you. It is time that we start finding the beauty in the fact that Dartmouth would not be the same if it was missing any one of us or the experiences that we bring. 

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