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Editors' Note

(02/15/23 7:00am)

Time is passing in typical winter gestures: a sidewalk wipeout, a weekly discussion post, a groundhog predicting six more weeks of winter. Sometimes we can hardly remember what week it is, and all we can do is trust the Canvas assignments and thermostat to tell us where we are in the term. Every term teaches us over and over again to just trust the process.

Where in the World Were the ’24s?

(02/15/23 7:05am)

There’s snow on the ground, ’26s in your classes and the brothers on door at your favorite frat don’t know who you are. The experience of a ’24 coming back to Dartmouth after being gone in the fall is a somewhat unique one, as historically — before recent changes to D-Plan rules — the majority of juniors have taken their off-term during the winter of their junior year.

From South Fay to Wedding Day

(02/15/23 7:20am)

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day — a celebration that, every year, the cynics disparage and hopeful romantics await with anticipation. For some students, the commercialized expectations of the day echo hollowly, reinforcing the seeming absence of romance at Dartmouth. Yet, despite their often innocuous arrivals, lifelong relationships spark on our campus in the most fleeting moments. 

Students celebrate ‘Black Joy’ during Black Legacy Month

(02/14/23 10:10am)

Student organizations have planned an abundance of programming throughout February to honor  Black Legacy Month. According to the Black Legacy Month 2023 website, the month aims to celebrate and recognize Black culture at Dartmouth and is “dedicated to the education, awareness and commemoration of Black heritage and people.” The events this year embrace the theme “Black Joy,” according to planning committee co-chair Laura Logan ’22. 

Bryant: The Shrinking Pie

(02/14/23 9:05am)

Both right- and left-wing economics envision a world where economic growth is the norm, and contraction or stagnation are aberrations. Though there is disagreement on the particulars, politicians and policymakers across the political spectrum agree that the American economy will continue to grow overall. Unfortunately, the relatively assured growth in the U.S. of the past century may be coming to an end. As the American population ages and exits the workforce in greater numbers, they will place greater strain on the social safety net, weighing down economic productivity. I argue that this oncoming demographic shift will force a dramatic change in our national economic thinking — and both the right and the left are woefully unprepared for a low-growth future.

First-Year Trips 2023 directorate announced

(02/14/23 10:05am)

On Jan. 30, First-Year Trips program director Max Teszler ’23 and associate director Miles Harris ’23 announced the members of the First-Year Trips 2023 directorate in an email sent to the Dartmouth Outing Club. The group of students — who applied over winter break — will focus on “reevaluating” the way that trips are organized and run, Harris said.

Q&A with inaugural chief compliance officer Alejandro Diaz

(02/14/23 10:15am)

Alejandro Diaz began in his role as the College’s first chief compliance officer on Jan. 30. In this role, Diaz is responsible for creating a coordinated effort to oversee and ensure the College’s compliance with federal, state and other external regulations. According to a College press release, Diaz previously served as the chief compliance officer at Temple University. 

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