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Seiner: On the Hamas Attack in Israel

(10/13/23 8:15am)

Regardless of your personal opinions on the Israel-Palestine conflict, we should all agree that justifying the murder and capture of civilians is inexcusable, especially considering the vulnerable populations of both Israel and Palestine. While Israel has undoubtedly committed mass violence against Palestinians — including against civilians — in the region since at least 1948, the specific tactics used by Hamas in this attack have rightfully shocked the world and demonstrate Hamas’s genocidal intent.

Senior Spotlight: Rachel Freer ’24 and Margot Luria ’24 foresee an exciting future for equestrian

(10/13/23 5:10am)

Rachel Freer ’24 and Margot Luria ’24 –– co-captains of the equestrian team –– look forward to continuing the team’s upward trajectory after defeating Stonehill College in a scrimmage on on Sept. 30. The victory was an indication of the progress the team has made on all fronts since last year, according to Luria.

Men’s basketball unionization receives response from College’s lawyers

(10/13/23 5:15am)

On Thursday, Oct. 5th, the College’s lawyers responded to the men’s basketball team’s filing to unionize on Sept. 10, arguing that student athletes cannot be considered employees because their scholarship role does not depend on participation while the college loses money from Dartmouth’s basketball program. Joe McConnell, who represented Dartmouth in a National Labor Relations Board hearing, suggests that the term “student athletes” and the way it is used at national powerhouse athletic programs, such as the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of Kansas, is also applicable at Dartmouth. 

Spotlight on the Donald Claflin Jewelry Studio

(10/13/23 6:05am)

The Donald Claflin Jewelry Studio — also known as the J-Shop — gives all students, regardless of their artistic backgrounds, the opportunity to exercise their creativity and craft wearable pieces of jewelry. Currently located in room 333 of the Black Family Visual Arts Center, the jewelry studio offers a wide variety of projects, using sophisticated — yet accessible — tools and techniques.

Ahead of Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation-sponsored CHaD HERO fundraiser, feature on their generosity to Upper Valley

(10/12/23 9:05am)

The 18th annual CHaD HERO fundraiser on Oct 15., sponsored by the Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation, spotlights the foundation’s generosity to the Upper Valley and Dartmouth community. The foundation is named for Jack Byrne, who passed away in 2013, and his wife Dorothy Byrne, who still lives in the Upper Valley. The fundraiser, which began in 2006, includes a half marathon and a 5K run and walk and benefits the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, according to the event website. 

Muller: Green Hydrogen or Greenwashing under the Beilock Administration?

(10/12/23 8:10am)

Dartmouth College recently made history with the inauguration of its first female president, Sian Leah Beilock. In her inaugural address on Friday, Sept. 22, the former Barnard College president and cognitive scientist introduced five major “imperatives” to address in her tenure at the College. Among them was a commitment to achieving “Real Carbon Zero” on campus. Beilock’s specific use of this term has links to innovations in the energy industry, specifically, green hydrogen — an alternative to fossil fuels. Should Dartmouth choose to invest in this technology, it would set a precedent for numerous other institutions and contribute to lowering investment costs in this costly yet effective solution.

GOLD-UE: An Open Letter to Dartmouth Faculty from Graduate Student Workers

(10/12/23 8:00am)

For the past few weeks, graduate students have been bargaining with the Dartmouth administration after graduate students overwhelmingly voted to unionize as the Graduate Organized Laborers of Dartmouth. Although Dartmouth faculty work closely with the administration and serve in administrative roles on the level of departments and programs, the faculty are not the party that we are negotiating a contract with, and we do not view them as our opposition. In fact, the opposite is true. We work closely with faculty every day to advance our research and develop as scholars. Many of us hope to be faculty in the future, and our relationships with our advisors are indispensable to the process of developing the skills needed to perform research. Most of us would not be here today if not for faculty mentors who inspired and guided us towards pursuing a career in academic research.

Dartmouth Student Government Senate meeting plans transit extensions, considers wellness resources

(10/12/23 9:00am)

On Oct. 8, the Dartmouth Student Government Senate met for its fourth weekly meeting of the fall term. Senators discussed the possibility of extending service hours on Advance Transit, a transportation service in the Upper Valley, along with hiring a new counselor for the Dick’s House Counseling Center and piloting the RADical Hope program.