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Postdoc publishes research on CO2 levels

(10/20/17 6:10am)

Last month, earth sciences postdoctoral fellow Ying Cui published a paper looking at carbon dioxide levels in the Eocene “super greenhouse” period, a time of extreme global warmth. The study found that Earth’s carbon dioxide content during hyperthermals 53 million years ago was at most 1,000 parts per million, half of what was previously thought. The findings could help provide insight into the dynamics of global warming.

Newly-recognized clubs focus on STEM fields

(10/20/17 6:15am)

An increased number of newly-recognized clubs through the Council of Student Organizations were related to science, technology, engineering and math during the 2016-2017 school year, according to Collis director of student involvement Anna Hall. Hall added that the rise in STEM-related clubs highlights an increase in student interest in new technology.

The Ultimate Guide to Novack Sandwiches

(10/20/17 6:06pm)

It’s that time of the term again: midterm season. Whether you have three in a row or just one open-note quiz (if this is you, by the way, please let us know what fantastic classes you have this term!), no study session is complete without a dinner at Novack. But is this as big of a tragedy as many Dartmouth students make it out to be? I’ve made a definitive guide to the best and worst Novack sandwiches — so you don’t have to.

Verbum Ultimum: Eat Free or Die

(10/20/17 4:45am)

Dartmouth should serve its students’ interests. The College needs to take in some revenue to survive, but it should not do so on the backs of its students. Dartmouth Dining Services would be a better business, and students would be happier and better off, if dining options at Dartmouth were made more competitive, if student meal plan requirements were relaxed or abandoned and if declining balance account funds could be spent at off-campus eateries.

Saklad: Gender-Inclusive Scouts

(10/20/17 4:30am)

Discrimination is a learned behavior. Nobody is born with notions of the superiority of one group over another, nor would we even perceive much of a difference between people if these dissimilarities were not taught to us. But from an early age, we are segregated by sex, whether by direct grouping or by internalized societal pressures, so we grow up learning not to cross imaginary lines. The divide between the sexes is enormous and older than the human historical record. It’s high time the gap was filled, and what better place to start than the minds of America’s children?