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Class of 2020 recruits prepares for athletics at the College

(08/12/16 2:41am)

As Dartmouth welcomes a new class of students to campus, the various Big Green athletic teams will soon see their programs infused with new talent. The Class of 2020 recruiting class hails from across the country and the world, and like several members from the previous freshman class, could easily impact the Ivy League in their first season in Hanover. What follows are short profiles of some of these incoming athletes.

Join The Dartmouth!

(08/12/16 2:38am)

Located on the second floor of Robinson Hall (known as Robo), The Dartmouth’s offices constantly buzz with reporters typing stories, business staff selling advertisements, photographers editing shots and editors providing guidance and banter. As America’s oldest college newspaper (founded in 1799), we have undergone several changes over the past two centuries, and we continue to iterate upon and improve our practices every day. The D now prints daily, produces videos, runs a daily blog, and posts regularly to social media accounts (lately, we’ve been especially into Snapchat and Instagram @TheDartmouth). Our website drew over 183,000 unique visitors this past spring in addition to 1,100 daily print editions. With over a hundred students on staff, The Dartmouth is one of the largest organizations on campus.

Dartmouth housing communities go into effect next fall

(08/12/16 2:37am)

As you incoming ’20s will quickly discover, Dartmouth is full of traditions — both outdated and timeless. From first-year trips and matriculation to the climactic Homecoming weekend, your first term will introduce you to a culture defined in part by rituals that define the school year. The upcoming fall term, however, will be especially meaningful because it marks the beginning of a new tradition — the dividing of students into housing communities. You ’20s will be the first class to experience the housing system, which College President Phil Hanlon announced to faculty and students in 2015.

Editor's Note

(08/12/16 2:33am)

Hello, Class of 2020. We’re sure you’re anxiously poring through your course selection book and tackling your dorm shopping checklist as you count down the days until your arrival in Hanover. Maybe you’re insanely excited or insanely nervous, or some combination of both. No matter how you feel, you’re about to experience the most transformative, overwhelming, crazy and wonderful time of your life. We assembled this issue to provide a little guidance along the way. So take a deep breath, and maybe take out a pen to take some notes.