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Hot Takes: The end of Baseball season, the start of Basketball season and why I hate the NFL

(11/07/16 5:05am)

Sports fans are ridiculous, but it’s fun to be ridiculous. From the kid running down the street in his boxers when the Chicago Cubs won the World Series to suddenly everyone rocking Cubs gear from head to toe, social media profile pictures and “Fly the W” flags popping up casually outside people’s windows, it’s all kind of ridiculous. We do it though, and regardless of how insane it looks to anyone else, real fans stand proud. And finally through a 108-year World Series drought and being down 3-1 in the series, the Cubs prevailed. They gave their fans something to be proud of. Kudos, Cubs fans, winning a world championship should be a fundamental right that every fan should be allowed to enjoy, at least once in life.

The Most Comprehensive Instant Noodle Review

(11/04/16 3:55pm)

With midterms coming up you may find yourself short on time, meaning that treks to FoCo, Collis or even into town for food may become few and far between. Just how will you manage to spend your endless meal swipes (’20s), or your quickly-declining DBA (everybody else) in the most efficient way possible? With the ultimate college solution: instant noodles.

How to Cope with the End of the Term

(11/04/16 3:27pm)

Life may feel like it’s lost all meaning now that Homecoming and Halloween have come and gone. What are you supposed to do now that you’ve completed the quest for the perfect Halloween costume? Start studying for finals? Yeah, right. As the days start getting shorter and air starts feeling chillier, it’s important to stay positive and feel prepared to face the last couple weeks of the term. Check out this list of ways to cope with everyone’s favorite time of year: the end of the term.