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I'm Sprung: Examining Residential Cluster Planning

(11/09/15 3:26pm)

Last Monday, the College unveiled its plan for the six house communities that students will be sorted into beginning next fall. I, however, would like to focus on one major part of this plan that went largely unnoticed — the two temporary buildings that will be built as “living room spaces” for the communities as other residence halls’ social spaces are renovated. The first temporary building will be constructed between Gile and Hitchcock Halls and is referred to by the College as a “modular building,” which according to Wikipedia looks something like this:

8 People Who Deserve Honorary Degrees at Dartmouth

(11/09/15 11:53am)

Dartmouth’s Council on Honorary Degrees recently began compiling nominations for potential recipients. Honorary degrees will be awarded at Commencement in the spring, but faculty and members of the graduating class have been requested to offer names of individuals to be considered for the honorary degrees. While we’re sure there are some great ideas, we wanted to be sure to put these names on the table. Souleymane:Likely the happiest, most iconic and beloved member of the Dartmouth family, it’s time for us to show Souleymane how much we truly appreciate him and offer him an honorary degree. Seeing him at the Hop can brighten anyone’s day, and if there’s anyone deserving of being on this list, it’s him.

Sharma: Humanistic Healing

(11/08/15 11:30pm)

It is common knowledge that medical schools — especially of the caliber to which Dartmouth students are likely applying — have incredibly low acceptance rates. Because of this difficultly, many pre-med students choose to major in STEM subjects, specifically biology. Your MCAT score is one of the biggest determining factors in medical school acceptance, however, and as reported on the Association of American Medical Colleges website, humanities majors actually have a higher average MCAT score than biological sciences majors — although, math and physical science majors have the highest average MCAT scores. Given these statistics, why do so many students lock themselves in the accursed, typical pre-med track? When looking at their plans for the next four years, first-year students must consider majors and extracurriculars outside of the traditional pre-med STEM fields.

Chun: In Good Company

(11/08/15 11:30pm)

There are certain things you should not do alone. You do not ride a tandem bike alone. You cannot operate a swan boat by yourself. You do not, for example, have a wedding by yourself. But then the list quickly runs out. There are plenty of things we don’t do alone, often for no good reason. When was the last time you saw a movie by yourself? Most people are perfectly happy watching re-watching “Love Actually” (2003) alone in their rooms, but few would dare go out to see a movie without friends. So you end up missing out on what would otherwise be a really enjoyable experience because God forbid people in public see you alone. The self-imposed stigma of being alone is absurd.