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Field hockey beats Columbia 4-2 for second straight win

(10/27/15 11:01pm)

In its fifth Ivy League game, the field hockey team beat Columbia University 4-2 in a tough conference match on Sunday. Anna Ewasechko ’18 and Heather Zezzo ’17 scored single tallies, while Brooke van Valkenburg ’16 scored a brace to defeat the Lions at the Chase AstroTurf Field. The Big Green improved to 6-7 overall and 2-3 in Ivy League, while the Columbia Lions fell to 8-6 overall and 2-3 in conference play. The Big Green, Columbia and Harvard University are tied for fourth in Ivy League standings with identical 2-3 conference records after this weekend of play.

Women’s hockey opens season with win over No. 5 Harvard

(10/27/15 11:01pm)

The No. 10 women’s hockey team kicked off its 2015-16 campaign with an upset 2-1 win over then-No. 5 Harvard University at home in Thompson Arena. Despite an early deficit, Dartmouth remained confident and scored a pair of unanswered goals to sink Harvard. The upset victory over the Crimson was substantial enough for Dartmouth to move from un-ranked to the No. 10 team in the country, and the victory marks the second straight year that Dartmouth has upset a No. 5 Crimson squad at Thompson Arena.

Could You Look Happier Please?

(10/27/15 3:08pm)

Ah, fall. The leaves are turning, it’s beautiful hiking weather (we have recovered) and the sweet smells of maple-cinnamon-pumpkin spice and procrastination — leaving midterm studying, case interview practice and cover letter writing to tomorrow — are in the air. Elizabeth: Also, the smell of corn is in the air. According to social media, at least, everyone went to the same corn maze this weekend. “Basic” has (thank god) left most people’s daily lingo, but could probably be applied to everyone at Dartmouth who partook in this adventure. But if corn mazes are basic, that’s fine with me - if 4,000 other people agree with me, I am quite excited, because we all have something in common! Corn mazes are bomb. You can simultaneously have a fantastic time and make fun of yourself through ironic (or legit) Insta posts afterwards. (@haveyourkake #spendinmydayslockedinamaize)

Dartbeat Reviews: Hanover's Pumpkin Spice Lattes

(10/27/15 12:46pm)

Are you too tired to find a filter for your #basic Instagram post? Are you cold despite donning your #basic black North Face jacket? If the answer is yes, a #basic fall drink just might solve your woes. Enter the pumpkin spice latte (or the “PSL,” as the kids are saying these days). It’s just the thing for getting into the fall spirit. We reviewed Hanover’s variety of pumpkin spice lattes on a four-star scale, so take a break from figuring out your #basic prof pic caption and let us guide you to the perfect latte.

Ricardo Salvador criticizes farming industry as part of Food Day programming

(10/27/15 1:05am)

The United States Agriculture Department spends 99 percent of its budget on the “junk food diet” — mostly agricultural subsidies that will eventually result in the production of unhealthy food — even as it establishes guidelines for a healthy diet, Ricardo Salvador, director of the food and environment program at the Union of Concerned Scientists, said at a talk on food sustainability yesterday.

Solomon: Staying Above the Fray

(10/26/15 11:57pm)

On Oct. 25, Republican representatives on the House Select Committee on Benghazi put former Secretary of State and current Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton through an 11-hour period of aggressive interrogation. The hearing once again scrutinized the Sept. 11, 2012 attack by Islamist militants on the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, which resulted in the death of four American officials, including Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens — though the hearing seemed to uncover few new details. It has proven not only that the committee has dubious motives, but also that Clinton possesses the poise we should expect of a leader.

Men’s hockey closes out preseason with blowout win

(10/26/15 11:30pm)

The men’s ice hockey team finished up its preseason last weekend with a crushing 7-0 victory over the University of Prince Edward Island Panthers, ushering in its season with a strong start. The Big Green will play Harvard University in its home opener this Saturday followed by a second match on Sunday. Though early in the season, the back-to-back games will be critical for the Big Green, as the Crimson was picked to finish third by the media and first by the coaches in the ECAC preseason polls. By comparison, the College was picked to finish seventh and ninth by the media and coaches, respectively. While it is sure to be a difficult game, there are also few better ways to go into a game of that importance than on the success of a seven-goal shutout.

Salman Rushdie discusses magical realism and storytelling

(10/26/15 11:01pm)

On Monday afternoon, the line to the Spaulding Auditorium stretched nearly to the Hopkins Center doors as droves of people waited to enter. After the auditorium filled and the audience members took their seats, College President Phil Hanlon took the stage to introduce and welcome acclaimed author Salman Rushdie. This was Rushdie’s first time speaking at the College, and the writer presented a lecture titled “Wonder Tales,” which dealt with the origin of literature in oral traditions and story-telling and traced the linear progression of stories in terms of authorial presentations and changes in reader preferences. The presentation engaged with fables and folktales from around the globe and their relevance to a modern world.

Ghosts At Dartmouth

(10/26/15 3:55pm)

Halloween — the day on which some believe spirits walk the earth again to perform their unfinished business — is only days away. As it turns out, Dartmouth has a fairly extensive history with ghosts, as I discovered looking through the special collections at Rauner this past weekend. Not only was I able to say the sentence “yes, I’d like to see the Ghost File,” with a straight face, but I was able to collect information on a few Dartmouth ghosts to share with you all. Here’s what the Ghost File had to offer.

Matching Autumnal Goodies To Your Dorm

(10/26/15 1:17pm)

It’s hard to move. No, seriously. As the weather gets colder and the leaves grow increasingly dead, it becomes a challenge to compel yourself to undertake the trek to Collis or the Hop. You’ll need to stock up on autumnal snacks to keep yourself warm and cozy indoors, but what sorts of food and drink are right for each dorm? Mass Row (excluding South Mass): Apple pie