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Dozens of students linked to cheating in religion class

(11/12/14 2:03am)

Forty-three students may be implicated in an academic dishonesty case after religion professor Randall Balmer found a discrepancy between the number of students digitally submitting answers to in-class questions and the number of students present in class on Oct. 30. Balmer held the accused students, enrolled in “Sports, Ethics and Religion,” after class on Tuesday so that judicial affairs director Leigh Remy could inform them of their rights and possible disciplinary action.

Smith: Disappointing Discourse

(11/11/14 9:58pm)

On Sunday night, Gov. Rick Perry, R-Texas, spoke to a group of some 100 students in Wilder Hall. Various topics like the Keystone Pipeline and the midterm elections were discussed, but when it came time to answer the audience’s questions, one topic was homed in upon: same-sex marriage. Perry, like most in the Republican Party with which he identifies, is opposed to same-sex marriage, and he has not shied away from being vocal about it. In one of his 2012 presidential campaign ads titled “Strong,” Perry states that something is wrong with this country when “gays can serve openly in the military but our kids can’t openly celebrate Christmas.” While the several questions that the governor was given about this subject were not surprising, the nature of the questions was. One student asked whether Perry would have anal sex in exchange for more than $100 million in campaign contributions, while another question asked if he did not like anal sex because “the peeny goes in where the poopie comes out.” I, like many others, was offended and disappointed by these questions. That is, of course, after I repressed my childish giggling.

Three-time Latin Grammy winner El Cigala to sing Hop concert

(11/11/14 8:49pm)

Three-time Latin Grammy Award winner Diego El Cigala takes the Spaulding Auditorium stage this evening to perform music from his newest album, “Romance de la Luna Tucumana” (Romance of the Tucumana Moon). The album includes influences from Argentine and Cuban musical traditions as well as Spanish flamenco and Afro-Caribbean jazz.

15 Last Chances ’15s May Have Already Missed

(11/11/14 10:00am)

It’s week nine, seniors, and the clocks are ticking. If you’re comforting yourself with the knowledge that you still have “TWO MORE TERMS, STOP” left at dear old Darty, in the same way that I feel obligated to point out when people make grammatical mistakes in essays they’ve already submitted, I feel obligated to notify you that there are a few last chances that you’ve probably already missed.

College examines alternatives to No. 6 heating oil

(11/10/14 11:33pm)

The College will transition away from No. 6 heating oil — an inexpensive but environmentally harmful fuel source — following last weekend’s approval by the Board of Trustees. Though a timeline has not been formalized, the College plans to abandon No. 6 fuel by 2018, campus planning and facilities vice president Lisa Hogarty said.