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Drones take over campus

(11/07/14 9:00am)

On a cold snowy New Hampshire morning back in February, John Pepper ’91 was awake while the rest of campus was still asleep. A drone enthusiast, Pepper maneuvered his DJI Phantom 2 Vision around Baker tower. The sun was rising from behind, hitting the hills into Vermont across the Connecticut River, and Pepper caught a shot of the weather vane at the apex of the bell tower, with Silsby Hall, Russell Sage and the rest of Tuck Drive in the background.

Eight Things You Can Find at the Hanover Christmas Market

(11/07/14 8:00am)

If you attempt to Google “Hanover Christmas Market,” be forewarned that you’ll be directed to an impressive number of pages about a Christmas market in Hannover, Germany, which looks a bit more like this, rather than this familiar scene. But don’t be discouraged! There is still a Christmas market in our town.

In letter to steering committee, Palaeopitus calls for transparency

(11/07/14 2:08am)

The Palaeopitus senior society called on the “Moving Dartmouth Forward” presidential steering committee to increase transparency and better communicate with students. A letter sent Thursday night, signed by nearly 60 student leaders as of press time, suggested reforms like releasing preliminary recommendations for feedback and detailing its research.

Hanover recognizes Danos with award

(11/07/14 1:58am)

Over a catered meal in the Top of the Hop, Tuck Business School Dean Paul Danos received the chamber achievement award from the Hanover Area Chamber of Commerce Thursday night. At the annual leadership award ceremony, Danos was recognized for his commitment to Dartmouth, his family and the Hanover community. Attendees dressed formally at the event’s reception, which was followed by a dinner in Alumni Hall.

Group talks SPCSA ideas

(11/07/14 1:56am)

The Student and Presidential Committee on Sexual Assault held a town hall Thursday night to discuss its recommendations, released in late October, that aim to combat sexual violence on campus. The discussion centered on five recommendations, including moving Greek houses toward coeducation and banning athletes who violate sexual misconduct policies from participating in athletics.

In a Manner of Speaking

(11/07/14 1:53am)

We’ve all seen the diversity statistics on Dartmouth’s website, boasting that our peers come from 50 states and 79 countries. But with all those different backgrounds and cultures, why, when you look around, does everyone sound the same? You’d be hard-pressed to overhear a conversation that didn’t include at least one use of “facetime,” “schmob” or “FoCo.” But this trend goes beyond our quirky vocabulary. It’s not just what we say that’s strikingly similar, but also how we say it. Given Dartmouth’s diverse representation of countries and regions of the U.S., we’re forced to wonder — where is the linguistic diversity?

A Not-So-Rude Awakening

(11/07/14 1:45am)

As the door screeched open, I barely needed to look up to comprehend the whirlwind entering my room — a wake-up. Half asleep, I gestured toward my roommate’s bed as the voices shouted her name, yelling brief instructions before dashing from the room. My third roommate and I celebrated for our friend before drifting back into sleep — this rude awakening was not so rude after all, as it signified her acceptance into a campus organization.