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Daily Debriefing

(10/29/12 3:00am)

The University of Phoenix, an online university, is downsizing in the face of increased competition in the for-profit college sector, legal battles over regulation and negative publicity, according to Inside Higher Ed. The university has made significant cost cuts and closed more than half of its facilities as enrollment has dropped by 31 percent from its peak of 475,000 students in 2010. The drop in enrollment coincides with Phoenix's shift toward increased selectivity in recruiting, aimed at boosting low graduation rates and improving the quality of enrolled students. The university was forced to make cuts when a bubble of unimpeded growth burst in response to a crackdown on for-profit universities, according to Inside Higher Ed.

Panel discusses veterans' concerns

(10/29/12 3:00am)

Alumni, family and friends crowded into Oopik Auditorium on Saturday afternoon in the Class of 1978 Life Sciences Center for a panel discussion titled "Hometown Heroes: Perspectives on the American Military Experience." The lecture included presentations by former College President James Wright and trustee Nathaniel Fick '99 and was moderated by Rockefeller Center Director Andrew Samwick.

Homecoming weekend stays relatively quiet

(10/29/12 3:00am)

The number of incidents that occurred during the bonfire and at activities later in the evening was also low compared to past years, which may be due to increased efforts to promote moderation, Kinne said. Though he said that Safety and Security responded to over 100 specific incidents, most of these were routine calls in response to fire alarms and injuries.

Now Playing in Hanover: Cloud Atlas

(10/29/12 3:00am)

"Cloud Atlas" (2012), written and directed by Lana and Andy Wachowski and Tom Tykwer, follows multiple storylines to explore how the past, present and future intertwine to influence one another. The ensemble cast includes Tom Hanks, Hugh Grant, Halle Berry and Jim Sturgess. Every storyline in this epic adventure has a different genre but shares common themes and ideas with the others. Those who are trapped fight for their freedom, characters with the power to positively change their world battle their inner demons and the film's artists and great thinkers struggle to keep their work and ideas from being taken away. Adapted from David Mitchell's 2004 novel of the same name, "Cloud Atlas" follows the lives of individuals throughout the centuries. Kelsey Sipple

Gilchrist's ‘Chalk Talk' lecture focuses on Aboriginal art

(10/29/12 3:00am)

"The Chalk Talk' series started back in 2003 when we had a lot of alumni coming back to campus for home football games, and we wanted to connect them with what was going on at the College and give them the classroom experience, so the Chalk Talk' was born from that," "Chalk Talk" Program Director Kate Barlow said. "Next year will be its 10th year, and we're focusing on engaging the alumni and also the local community in the intellectual life of the college."

What to Watch For

(10/29/12 3:00am)

Vince Marriott: Once again I find myself writing about the NFL, but then again, it might just be the only professional sport that matters anymore. With the current ESPN poll saying that 63 percent of people would rather watch yesterday's game between the Saints and the Broncos than Game Four of the World Series, why not go with the sure thing? This week I'm excited for the Kansas City Chiefs taking on the San Diego Chargers on Thursday. Even though the matchup doesn't look very exciting on paper, it's a Thursday night, and you're not doing anything else. Besides, regardless of what else is on, I know I'd hate to miss watching the most important game of the evening. (Thursday, 8:20 p.m., NFL Network)