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Water Wars

(11/22/11 4:00am)

Some policy analysts have predicted the outbreak of "water crises" caused by large, water-poor nations like China attacking smaller, water-rich areas like Tibet while seizing resources at a terrible cost to human life. However, formal water wars are unlikely. While water scarcity does result in regional conflict, even two bitter enemies such as India and Pakistan have a peaceful water partnership. What we should be concerned about instead is internationally sanctioned water privatization in the developing world

The Tablet Revolution

(11/22/11 4:00am)

It's that time of year again. With Black Friday coming up this week, shoppers are already thinking about holiday gifts for loved ones. I can see it now: The mall is buzzing with excitement holiday music blasting, decorations hanging from the ceiling and in the center of it all, there's a jolly old Santa in his cottage. Little children approach nervously while Santa asks them what they want for Christmas. They answer, with timid smiles on their faces, "an iPad, please."

Daily Debriefing

(11/22/11 4:00am)

The Rhodes Trust awarded an all-inclusive scholarship to the University of Oxford to 32 American students, although no Dartmouth students were selected from a pool of 830 candidates, The Chronicle of Higher Education reported Sunday. The winners consisted of 17 women and 15 men, marking the fourth time women outnumbered men since 1976, when women were first included in the competition. The scholars come from 18 institutions. Stanford University led with five scholars, while Brown University, Harvard University and Princeton University each saw four students receive the scholarship. The recipients will join 14 international scholars from around the world in October 2012 to begin two to three years of study at Oxford in England, The Chronicle reported.

Dartmouth orgs. team up for cancer research

(11/22/11 4:00am)

The extensive collaborations between undergraduates, Dartmouth Medical School, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and the Norris Cotton Cancer Center provide scientists with the resources and support they need to conduct cancer research that earns recognition on the national scale. Through parternships between the College and external health care affiliates, Dartmouth contributes to cancer research in a number of ways, according to professors and students interviewed by The Dartmouth.

Students work to form alumnae network

(11/22/11 4:00am)

A group of female upperclassmen and young alumnae are working to create an alumnae network through Blunt Alumni Center, although they will also pursue external channels in order to make the group a reality in time for the 40th anniversary of co-education at the College, according to Deanna Portero '12, one of the students spearheading the effort. While the idea of the alumnae network has received support from alumnae, undergraduates and the administration, there is still no consensus regarding what form the network should have, Portero said.

Through the Lens of Lentz

(11/22/11 4:00am)

The combination of the Giants' loss to the Eagles last night and the fact that it is Thanksgiving week means I am going to use my ace in the hole I am going to write about the results of my betting column from earlier this term ("Through the Lens of Lentz," Sept. 27). In other words, I am too annoyed to think of anything else at the moment. Let's get started.

Frat row Gusanoz update

(11/21/11 8:04pm)

  So the sketchy guy in the van sell­ing bur­ri­tos on frat row is now a sketchy guy in a sketchy lit­tle red car sell­ing bur­ri­tos on frat row. I had a nice long convo with him last week­end, and got a few tip offs that I'd like to share so my lovely read­ers now the lat­est and great­est with the sketchy sitch. Jim's last name is not Gu­sanoz. In fact, he doesn't even own the place. He is a combo of a free lance bur­rito roller and de­liv­ery dude, and has a deal with Gu­sanoz through which he takes out a cer­tain amount of "stock (i.e. bur­rito fill­ings), makes them, and hawks them on frat row. He has been a reg­u­lar in the No Park­ing zone in front of the fire hy­drant grac­ing Zete's lawn be­cause, "It has the bright­est light, there's never any­body in the park­ing spot and there's cross traf­fic from Psi U, the Choates and McLaugh­lin." Jim usu­ally brings 60 to 70 bur­ri­tos and packs them all up in his car to sell on cam­pus. He has arrange­ments with Gu­sanoz as of now to pay for the "stock" that he uses and then keep what­ever money he makes after he cov­ers the cost of the bur­rito in­gre­di­ents. He claims its "good money" but I'd be a lit­tle wary of that state­ment, es­pe­cially when your av­er­age drunkie on a Wednes­day night is faced with buy­ing a bur­rito out of a car from a rando with real cash or real plas­tic (aka credit card) vs. buy­ing a nutella sand­wich from a friend to save the kids or polar bears or what­ever with fake Dart­mouth money (aka Dash). Jim has the Dart­mouth Aca­d­e­mic cal­en­der up on his kitchen wall at home so he knows when the big week­ends are and when fi­nals will leave Web­ster Ave des­o­late, he said. He said that, "Christ­mas va­ca­tion is the worst time for sell­ing any­thing, in town or out of a car, be­cause even In­ter­na­tional stu­dents have time to go home so the cam­pus is just ghostly." His pres­ence on frat row isn't ran­dom, though it might feel that way to you, as he looks at the weather re­port as re­li­giously as he looks at the Dart­mouth events page to make sure the nights he goes out are per­fect. Jim will be around dur­ing Thanks­giv­ing, he said, but is going to try to use that time to look into con­vinc­ing Salt Hill that they need a de­liv­ery guy so he can work with them in­stead. He thinks the food would be more of a hit (uh no duh, their sweet potato fries and mus­tard sauce sounds way more ap­peal­ing than a messy luke­warm bur­rito at 3 a.m.), and he hopes that they will pro­vide a van for him to sell out of. He has a bleak out­look for Win­ter term (who doesn't though?) be­cause he won't be able to stand out­side sell­ing food in the neg­a­tive 25 de­gree weather. Hav­ing a van would re­duce the amount of freez­ing time be­cause he could sell from the front or pas­sen­ger seat of the car and keep his body warm in­side, he said. Until he starts a gourmet mac and cheese truck or be­gins de­liv­er­ing Morano Gelato for sopho­more sum­mer late night drunchies, how­ever, I'll stick to writ­ing about his food in­stead of eat­ing it.

Diagnose yourself from your dorm room

(11/21/11 8:03pm)

  Win­ter is right around the cor­ner, and with that, get­ting sick be­comes al­most in­evitable. With so many over­lap­ping signs and symp­toms, some­times it’s hard to know when it’s time to trek to Dick’s House or when an ibupro­fen will do the trick. Here are a few point­ers on what you should know about the most com­mon bugs you’ll catch. The Com­mon Cold or Upper Res­pi­ra­tory Ill­ness. Symp­toms in­clude a runny nose, a cough, a low-grade fever and a sore throat. This can be treated with over-the-the-counter med­ica­tions. If symp­toms get worse or per­sist for more than 5-7 days, you should go to Dick’s House. 2.Strep Throat. If your symp­toms are only a sore throat, a fever and swollen glands, this could be strep throat, which will re­quire an­tibi­otics. Go to Dick’s House. 3.The Flu. Body aches, a bad cough, fa­tigue and high fever are the tell­tale signs of the flu. A stuffy nose, sore throat, gas­troin­testi­nal prob­lems and sneez­ing are some­times pre­sent. You will also have a fever of 100+ - no fever, no flu. If you ex­hibit these symp­toms, you need to go to Dick’s House. 4.Mono. Mono starts out with fa­tigue and a slight sore throat. This can progress to a se­vere sore throat with swollen glands, es­pe­cially in the back of the neck. If you’re given an­tibi­otics for a sore throat when it’s re­ally mono, you may get a red rash all over. If you think you have mono, go to Dick’s House to be tested. The tried-and-true method of wash­ing your hands fre­quently still holds up as the best way to avoid ill­ness. If you do come down with some­thing, stay­ing hy­drated and get­ting plenty of rest is key. Most im­por­tantly, when in doubt, go to Dick’s House. The In­ter­net is a great way to help you get an idea of what’s going on, but the only per­son who can truly di­ag­nose you is an ex­pert in the med­ical field.

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