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Francfort: The Value of Responsibility

(11/17/11 4:00am)

Coming to Dartmouth, I looked forward to meeting people from a broad variety of different backgrounds and ideologies. I believe it's critical to the maturation of college students to be exposed to differing viewpoints and experiences. So upon discovering that my floormates hailed from almost every region of the United States and that two of them had even made the trip down from Canada to come live with me for the year, I knew I'd be in for many engaging and informative conversations. One such dialogue, about personal responsibility and the extent to which it is valued in different nations, comes to mind when considering which discussions have shaped my beliefs in the context of the greater world.

Kim: The Great Depreciation

(11/17/11 4:00am)

In my sophomore year of high school, I figured out what most people already knew: To get into a highly selective college, I needed to spice up my resume. Lacking personal connections, I contacted over 60 research facilities in search of an internship position. I received a grand total of two positive responses, including a reply from the Institute for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine at the University of Washington Medical School.

Unheralded as recruit, Shaw '12 readies for crowning moment

(11/16/11 4:00am)

After men's cross country runner Ethan Shaw '12 finishes at the NCAA Cross Country National Championships in Terre Haute, Ind., on Monday, he will never again lace up his spikes to run for the Big Green. While finales are usually bittersweet affairs, Shaw's final race will be especially triumphant, a testament to the unexpected success of a self-proclaimed "average" recruit.

Daily Debriefing

(11/16/11 4:00am)

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health laid off 50 workers on Monday to help alleviate a $100 million budget deficit, the Valley News reported. The layoffs will result in annual savings of $3 million, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center Director of Media Relations Rick Adams said in an interview with the Valley News. In an attempt to protect the quality of patient care, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health spared nurses and physicians from the layoff. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health has offered all employees between four and 12 weeks of severance pay depending on seniority, will provide employees assistance with their future job searches and will pay for former employees' medical and dental coverage until the end of December. Among New Hampshire hospitals, more than 650 jobs have been cut in recent months due to budget deficits, the Valley News reported. Adams did not respond to requests for comment by press time.

Board of Selectmen chairman retires

(11/16/11 4:00am)

Hanover Board of Selectmen Chairman Brian Walsh '65 Th'66 announced his retirement last week, signaling the end of a career that fostered positive relations between the town of Hanover and the College, according to Chief of Staff David Spalding. Walsh, who decided to retire following his wife's retirement from Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, worked with Dartmouth students and administrators to bring attention to important campus issues, but his policies were met with some reservation from students and community members.

SA reveals survey data on DDS meal options

(11/16/11 4:00am)

Approximately 65 percent of student respondents rated Dartmouth Dining Services' SmartChoice meal plan as a three or lower on a 10-point scale in a recent online survey conducted by Student Assembly, Assembly leaders said at Monday's General Assembly meeting in Collis. Following the survey results presentation, Associate Dean of the College for Campus Life April Thompson, Student Body President Max Yoeli '12 and Student Body Vice President Amrita Sankar '12 discussed the timeline for incorporating students' suggestions into the new system.

Casler: Healthy Deference

(11/16/11 4:00am)

With the Supreme Court's decision Monday to review the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act's individual mandate that all citizens either purchase health insurance or pay a penalty, the health care reform debate has inched another step closer to a legal resolution. This development threatens to ensnare our political system in ideological and legal minutiae and detract from the law's original intent. It would be better for the Supreme Court to rule based on the Affordable Care Act's moral implications and the novelty of the situation.

Poddar: Share the Cost

(11/16/11 4:00am)

On Veterans Day last Friday, Dean of the Tucker Foundation and College Chaplain Richard Crocker wrote a letter exhorting "those of us who have been spared the horror of war to remember those who have suffered in it" ("Vox Clamantis," Nov. 11). Indeed, with two painful and costly conflicts in the Middle East finally being brought to a bitter close, the need to reflect on the sacrifices of our armed forces and the evisceration of countless foreign civilian lives is as imperative as ever. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that these wars have had little lasting impact on the collective American psyche. As a general public, we promise to memorialize the courage of veterans and hold our leaders accountable for unjust war. In reality however, the American public is a body that has left the conduct of war to a largely unseen volunteer army, and thus no longer grasps the meaning of armed conflict.