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MPH student Masters dies following complications related to H1N1

(11/23/09 6:15pm)

Henry Masters, a student in the master's of public health program at The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice, passed away this weekend after testing positive for the H1N1 virus. Masters had a chronic autoimmune disorder that College President Jim Yong Kim said in a campus-wide e-mail Monday afternoon was the "underlying cause" of his death.

Short Answer

(11/23/09 4:00am)

Kim's decision to streamline the administrative structure at Dartmouth represents a positive step forward in dealing with the financial crisis. A less bureaucratic and more efficient administration is what any college should want, and in the face of major budget cuts, it is what Dartmouth desperately needs.

Constructive Criticism

(11/23/09 4:00am)

I think that I will spark little controversy by describing Dartmouth's environment as pluralistic and academic. Our college brings together people who differ in every respect of geography and circumstance and encourages them to engage substantively with ideas and to pursue knowledge. At Dartmouth, diversity and scholastic excellence are mainstream values. Those who do not share them are relegated to the fringe of our small society. I doubt that anyone will bother to dispute these observations. But I would like to raise a more controversial question: What happens when our academic pursuit of knowledge collides with our pluralism?

Briefly Noted

(11/23/09 4:00am)

The 2009 Dartmouth football team awards were given out on Sunday at the team's season-end banquet, reported. Fifteen players were honored at the banquet. Pete Piderman '10 was given the Bob Blackman Trophy for the team's most valuable player. Shawn Abuhoff '12 received the Kenneth T. Young Award for the underclassman who made the most significant contribution to the team. Nick Schwieger '12 was awarded the Jake Crouthamel Award as the best offensive underclassman. Garrett Wymore '13 won the Earl Hamilton Award for the team's top rookie. Max Heiges '10 won the Manners Makyth Man Award for the player who showed the most sportsmanship.

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