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Beta hosts nonalcoholic programs, social events

(11/24/08 9:27am)

Before most fraternities began pong tournaments, cocktail events and dance parties one Saturday night this term, guests at Beta Alpha Omega fraternity practiced more coordinated footwork at the fraternity-hosted tango workshop that afternoon. Beta, which must remain dry through Winter term, has hosted a number of nonalcoholic programming events this term, as the new chapter attempts to redefine itself after its 1996 derecognition by the College, according to fraternity member Kadian Campbell '11.

Webster program hosts conference

(11/24/08 9:26am)

The Daniel Webster Project, formerly the Daniel Webster Program, hosted its first "ancient and modern conference," which featured papers by several prominent professors of political philosophy and debate over the role of classical and modern influences in contemporary liberal arts education. The conference, titled "Socrates or Rosseau: Ancient and Modern Ideas of Higher Education," was attended by approximately 60 people, including students, faculty and visiting professors Friday and Saturday at the Rockefeller Center.

Geithner '83 tapped to be Treasury Secretary

(11/24/08 9:25am)

President-elect Barack Obama will appoint Timothy Geithner '83, president of the New York Federal Reserve, to the post of Treasury Secretary in the new presidential Cabinet, according to reports from several news outlets. Geithner will be the second consecutive Dartmouth alumnus to hold the position, replacing current Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson '68.

Hathaway finally leads in Demme's weak 'Rachel'

(11/24/08 9:14am)

It seems like Anne Hathaway has been teetering on the edge of superstardom for ages, but for one reason or another her career has remained just inches away from the A-list. It doesn't help that the actress -- a luminous beauty, with more than a little talent lurking behind her porcelain features -- carries the dubious mantle of a teeny-bopper idol, courtesy of her early work in the "Princess Diaries" franchise (2001).

Cause For Caution

(11/24/08 9:03am)

We waited with the rest of the world, glued to a muted television in one of Barcelona's English pubs, growing hoarse from yelling at Wolf Blitzer. The place was packed with students, as well as Spaniards, Britons and Belgians -- all concerned citizens. I'd like to report that we stayed up on election night until the tipping point, but the results were slow in coming and our first class on Wednesday was early. I had spent the preceding weeks incessantly checking polling data and was able to sleep confident in my calculations, having found eight ways Obama could win and only one in which he could lose.

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