Vox Clamantis: Career Parents

by Andrew Eastman | 11/24/08 4:05am

To the Editor:

Jordan Osserman '11's denigration of Michelle Obama as "a mere caretaker" ("Stand Your Ground," Nov. 20) is not only belittling and insulting, but also inaccurate: There is nothing "mere" about raising decent and successful children. It is academic elitism to suggest parenting is a low calling. True, Mrs. Obama's resum is impressive. Normally, impressive resums indicate people who are intelligent and dedicated. Applying that intelligence and dedication to the work of a parent, instead to that of an attorney or executive, is a matter of personal preference, not shame, and it's a preference Mrs. Obama shares with men and women across our country.

Osserman asks us to "give up the antiquated belief which dictates an accomplished woman must consider herself first and foremost a mother." Perhaps so, but I would also suggest we give up the equally antiquated idea that there is something shameful about wanting to parent, first and foremost. I'm a Dartmouth graduate and current law student and I can think of no greater calling, no more fulfilling career goal, than raising kind and generous children.

Andrew Eastman '07

St. Louis, MO

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