Lowe '10, Santo '10 to lead The D

by John Alzate | 11/24/08 4:31am

The outgoing Directorate of The Dartmouth announced the next class of editors to take over the newspaperin the winter at a banquet Saturday night.
by Zach Ingbretsen / The Dartmouth

Lowe and Santo will preside over the independent daily publication of The Dartmouth, inheriting a staff of more than 200 undergraduate students.

Lowe hails from West Hartford, Conn., and is majoring in economics and double-minoring in French and government. She is a member of Sigma Delta sorority and plays for the Dartmouth Women's Club Lacrosse team. She has written for the News section of The Dartmouth since her freshman fall.

"I think it's pretty hard to be saying goodbye to the [Class of 2009], but I can't say enough about the talent and commitment of all the [members of the Class of 2010] of the Directorate," Lowe said.

Santo, a native of Queens, N.Y., is double majoring in government and economics. He is a member of Chi Gamma Epsilon fraternity and participates in Dartmouth's Student World Assembly. He was a staff reporter on the News section of The Dartmouth during his freshman year, and moved to the Business side his sophomore year.

"The outgoing directorate has definitely paved the way for us to make improvements where we see fit," Santo said. "We have a lot of big ideas. But we can't do it without a great staff because it really is a group effort."

Paul Glenn '10 and William Schpero '10 will succeed Zeke Turner '09 and Grace Wyler '09 as Executive Editors. Glenn, a former assistant Sports editor, will take over the management of the Opinion, Sports and Design sections, as well as The Dartmouth Mirror. Schpero, a member of the News staff since his freshman fall, will lead the News and Arts sections, and will direct the Photography and Graphics department and copy-editing program.

Allyson Bennett '10 and Victoria Boggiano '10 will replace Amanda Cohen '09 and Hillary Wool '09 as the Evening and Day Managing Editors, respectively. Zach Swiss '09, the publication's first Deputy Managing Editor, is the only member of the outgoing directorate without an appointed successor.

Ben Nunnery '10, a former member of the News staff, will take over as Sports Editor, replacing current editors Jordan Rose '09 and Greg O'Sullivan '09. Ivan Zlatar '10 will join Nunnery as the second Sports Editor in the spring. Claire Murray '10 and Ben Gifford '10 will succeed current Opinion Editors Christian Kiely '09 and Tina Praprotnik '09.

Divya Gunasekaran '11 and Allison Levy '11 will replace current Arts Editor Lucy Randall '09 for the Winter term, and Allison Ruderman '10 will take over the section in the spring.

The job of The Dartmouth Mirror Editor will be divided into two positions for the 2010 Directorate. Amita Kulkarni '10 will take on the editorial responsibilities for the weekly magazine as Editorial Director, and Jennifer Argote '10, the current Photography and Graphics editor, will manage design as Production Editor. Both will succeed current Mirror Editor Caitlin Kelly '09.

Jessica Griffen '10 will replace Argote as Photography and Graphics Editor. Griffen will share the position with Tilman Dette '10, who served as Photography and Graphics Editor with Argote last Winter and Spring terms. Alex Rivadeneira '10 will succeed Steve Reinitz '09 as Design Editor.

For the business section of The Dartmouth, Steven Cheng '10 will take on the responsibilities of the Finance and Circulation Directors for the Winter term, succeeding Alice Kogan '09 and Danny Michlewicz '09. Adam Merber '10 and Ian Rorick '10 will take over as Finance Director and Circulation Director, respectively, in the spring.

Cory Cunningham '10, the current Advertising Director, will return to his position in the spring. Cunningham will be temporarily replaced by Alex Bao '11 for the Winter term.

O'Donnell and Silberberg praised the incoming directorate and expressed confidence in their collective ability to lead the paper.

"The '10s are an exceptionally talented class, and I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with the paper," O'Donnell said.

Silberberg '09 shared O'Donnell's enthusiasm.

"I think come January, we will see what a tremendous job the staff can do in the coming year," Silberberg said.

O'Donnell and Silberberg also recognized certain members of the staff at Saturday's ceremony, presenting awards for outstanding contributions to the newspaper.

Mitch Davis '11 was presented with the Staff Writer Award, and Sarah Irving '10 was given the Staff Photographer Award. The Ira T. Holmes Book Award for strong contributions from freshman staff members went to Andrew Clay '12, Katie Gonzalez '12, Neera Chatterjee '12, Ann Baum '12, Kenji McCulley '12 and Emma Fidel '12.

Katie Gonzalez contributed to the reporting of this article.