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Taking The Initiative

(09/26/08 7:17am)

My distinguished colleague Zachary Gottlieb '10 recently wrote about Dartmouth as a protective parental figure, asking "When does this tireless parent teach us to fend for ourselves?" ("Dartmouth Man Needs a Maid," Sept. 24). If President Wright were truly our father, he would be a model parent -- brave enough to trust his children to learn from their mistakes. We should be proud of his work with the Amethyst Initiative, the controversial group of college presidents that has provoked renewed interest in a discussion about lowering the drinking age. As the only Ivy League president supporting the Initiative, Wright has proved courageous enough to make public his position on an issue that has no easy answers.

How to find and identify a '12

(09/26/08 7:04am)

T he wide-eyed spawn of the Class of 2012 can be found at every corner: mispronouncing the names of frats as they swarm into basements, smiling with joy as they tell people about their long term life goals, accidentally sitting down at upperclassmen tables and then fleeing amidst eye rolls and exaggerated sighs. Freshman like to think they are incognito and blend in with the upperclassmen, but sadly for them they stick out like a math professor at a Chi Gam dance party. You can locate them by their lanyards, by their massive giggling 'shmobs, by their well-worn Class of 2012 shirts, and by the conversations they have about how sweet they were in high school. Nowhere is more exotic than the epicenter of '12s, a carnival of naivety and all that is freshman: The Choates.

Daily Debriefing

(09/26/08 7:04am)

Despite recent debates concerning the role of the Town Manager of Norwich, Vt., Peter Webster '71 was unanimously voted to the position Wednesday night. The tenure of the previous Town Manager, Stephen Soares, was marked by controversy, according to the Valley News. Webster has worked in town management for several years and has held various municipal manager positions since 1995. He "impressed Norwich officials with his background in strategic planning and leadership" and was chosen for the position by the Selectboard without discussion or comment during the vote, according to the Valley News. The town rarely holds a vote without some dissent, according to board chairman Gerard Chapdelaine.

Editor's Note

(09/26/08 7:02am)

Omigawd hi! How ARE you? How was your summer? Where were you -- wait, New York, right? Or was it DC? Oh yeah, mine was fine. Not much, worked for Lehman for a bit. Oh yeah, the '12s? Worst class ever. No question. When we were freshmen we were so much sweeter. I bet these kids haven't even heard about the Defenestrator. Man, they're never gonna' be cool. So what classes are you takin -- Oh wait, hold on... Omigawd hi! How ARE you?...

DHMC costs fall below state average, report says

(09/26/08 6:59am)

As patients and employers around the country grapple with the steadily escalating price of health care, a recent study by the New Hampshire Citizens Health Initiative revealed that some of New Hampshire's hospitals charge up to 70 percent more than other hospitals in the state. Costs at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, however, were slightly lower than the statewide average.

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