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Daily Debriefing

(09/30/08 9:02am)

College admissions officials and high school counselors from across the country met to discuss current problems with the college admissions process at the annual conference of the National Association for College Admission Counseling in Seattle, Wash., last weekend. Two major issues discussed were the use of standardized tests in the admissions process along with the disclosure of students' disciplinary records. William Fitzsimmons, dean of admissions at Harvard, presented the findings of a study on standardized tests performed by college admissions officials and argued that while standardized tests have many advantages, they are imprecise in measuring a student's academic ability, according to The New York Times. Several college officials were also concerned about the challenges economically disadvantaged students face on standardized tests compared to those who have access to test preparation tools. Other members of the NACAC expressed concern about sharing students' disciplinary records as some secondary schools voluntarily submit the reports while others are more inclined to keep disciplinary data confidential, Inside Higher Education web site reported. Many officials noted that colleges are not looking for small infractions, but rather major incidents or patterns of misbehavior. The NACAC recommends that schools "report any significant change in a candidate's academic status or qualifications."

Mitchell supports economic bailout

(09/30/08 9:01am)

Former United States Senate majority leader George Mitchell, D-Maine, spoke to a crowd of over 300 Dartmouth students and faculty in Spaulding Auditorium on Monday, giving a lecture titled "America's Role in the World." The United States should address hostility abroad in order to confront the global challenges of the 21st century, including the current economic crisis, global climate change and nuclear proliferation, Mitchell said in his speech.


(09/30/08 8:59am)

The "Tiny Tackle" of Dartmouth's late-1960s football team, Treasury Secretary Henry "Hank" Paulson '68, may have to conjure up the football grit he was known for to conquer his newest foe: a Wall Street meltdown of proportions unseen since the Great Depression. The former CEO and chairman of Goldman Sachs is the principal architect of the $700 million economic bailout plan -- voted down in the House of Representatives yesterday -- designed to prevent the U.S. credit crunch from wreaking havoc on the global economy.

The Unaffiliated Path

(09/30/08 6:36am)

Even though most sophomore males have by now either decided to be unaffiliated or are choosing a house based on existing friendships, atmosphere or post-college benefits, there always exists a small portion of campus for which the really hard decision is whether or not to pledge. For those among us, I will reflect on my unaffiliated path in the hopes of aiding your decision. (Pardon, ladies, but I know too little about sororities to opine effectively).

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