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Maggie Talks To Strangers

(11/10/06 11:00am)

I've never understood why sorority formals are a bona-fide "get out of jail free" card for misbehavior. Regardless, this unspoken rule holds true every term: if it happens during a formal, social norms need not apply. Want to pass out for few minutes under the bar? Hook-up in a bathroom stall? Carpe diem, Greek women! You'll have a ball, while only loosing a fraction of the respect you'd have sacrificed had your stint taken place at a frat.

Inside this issue

(11/10/06 11:00am)

I've been trying to come up with a catchy title for a syndrome that is devastating the '08 class. I don't know exactly how to explain it; the symptoms are subtle at first but soon become extremely evasive. For the most part it is easy to conceal that you are infected, but if you take a second to talk to a junior -- one of the few still on campus -- the infection becomes evident.

Chickens, Eggs and Course Circulars: Professsors and their classes

(11/10/06 11:00am)

As I am taking an off-term this coming winter, I thought (naively) that I would get to bypass the stress and fuss of course selection. Over the past week, however, I too was swept up in the soul searching, the distrib hunting and the heated discussions of the relative pros and cons of good classes with bad profs or good profs with bad classes. Now that course circulars are being relegated to recycling bins, it is time for a little reflection and an examination of that infamous chicken-and-egg question: does the professor make the class or does the class make up for the professor?

Original Sports Clichés

(11/09/06 11:00am)

Writing the day after an important day in American political history, I would feel remiss in not somehow including it in my column. I do recognize, however, that many of you probably don't care about politics in the same way that I do. I saw the blank looks my friends gave me when I told them I was "gonna drink some beers and watch MSNBC" last night. I noticed that nobody else was more excited for fantasy Congress than for fantasy football. So I promise that this column will be as light and fact-free as everybody has come to expect.

Freshman women's and lightweight rowers thrive at Green Monster Invite

(11/09/06 11:00am)

There was a mass of spectators representing Dartmouth, Harvard, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Northeastern, Radcliffe, Boston University, the University of Massachusetts-Trinity and the University of Vermont huddled along Ledyard Bridge and boathouse, braving the frigid gusts that brought with them a small snow flurry. They eagerly awaited the first glimpses of their teams coming into view around the bends of the river.

Sisyphus and the Dartmouth Rock

(11/09/06 11:00am)

On Saturday evening I felt a great deal of pride in our Dartmouth student body. The annual community dinner gathering of Lambda Upsilon Lambda fraternity was a great success. Collis Common Ground was packed with students, members of the faculty, alumni and guests from the Upper Valley community. Overall, I was so impressed by how the fraternity and its friends in the community were organized, and how they always rise to the occasion to help one another. I was then alerted to a situation downstairs in FUEL where a theme party was being held which dealt with the insensitive depiction of Native Americans. My joyous mood quickly changed.

Why Diversity Matters

(11/09/06 11:00am)

Having a diverse community fosters personal growth and enrichment. This is the vision of diversity that Dartmouth hopes to achieve. I am writing this editorial on behalf of the Inter-Community Council, a body of students representing the Office of Pluralism and Leadership, the International Office and the Dartmouth community at large. The I-CC aims to build organizational connections among communities to foster and improve understanding and mutual support and advocate for shared interests. Recent comments from Jacob Baron '10's op-ed ("Dartmouth's Diversity Obsession," Nov. 2) lead us to think that a significant segment of the Dartmouth population still does not understand why the concept of diversity is integral to our mission as a college. Why does diversity matter?

Daily Debriefing

(11/09/06 11:00am)

Students gathered to eat Nicaraguan food and listen to Latin music Wednesday night to raise money for the Tucker Foundation's Cross Culture Education and Service Program. The program will host its sixth annual trip during winter break to Siuna, one of the poorest regions of Nicaragua. Nica Night aimed to raise awareness about problems in Latin America and in Nicaragua in particular. Students viewed presentations in a "science fair" format on a variety of topics including upcoming elections, freshwater sharks in Lake Nicaragua and public health issues. Donations were requested at the door and an anonymous donor agreed to give $1 to the program for every attendee.

On final day, blood drive aims to surpass spring, summer totals

(11/09/06 11:00am)

Today is the second and final day of the American Red Cross' once-a-term blood drive in Alumni Hall in the Hopkins Center. This year's goal is to collect 200 donations each day, a number in line with the amount collected in previous terms, despite a recent declining trend in total donations during the Spring and Summer terms of 2006.

Miller '63 reveals the real history of 'Animal House'

(11/09/06 11:00am)

Chris Miller '63 drew on his experiences as a member of Alpha Delta Phi fraternity for the movie "National Lampoon's Animal House," which helped make the Dartmouth fraternity scene infamous. Now, Miller is back with a new book -- "The Real Animal House: The Awesomely Depraved Saga of the Fraternity That Inspired the Movie" -- that delves further into Dartmouth's fabled Greek life.

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