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Class dons jumpsuits for social experiment

(11/15/06 11:00am)

Students donned orange jumpsuits, black mesh veils and handcuffs this week as a social experiment in professor Jennifer Fluri's Gender, Space and Islam class. For the experiment, which began last Wednesday and will continue until Thursday, students go out to four different public places and act as they normally would, but while wear the orange outfits.

Interweaving plotlines fail to keep 'Babel' together

(11/15/06 11:00am)

In an age when globalization and mass media have the power to connect us to even the most remote corners of the globe, the story of the Tower of Babel seems a fitting inspiration for cinematic recreation. A movie about the power of linguistic isolation bears the signs of an Oscar-baiting cultural importance. Or at least it should.

Frisell and Unspeakable Orchestra bring eloquent jazz to the HOP

(11/15/06 11:00am)

However, to corral Frisell's Unspeakable Orchestra into one genre is to do it a huge disservice. His work -- over 200 recordings' worth and countless live performances -- defies a label, mixing jazz, blues, country and rock into a sublime aural experience. Frisell is a jazz guitarist of unspeakable talent; indeed, he himself is hard pressed to describe the thought process behind the beauty that reverbs from those six strings (and a number of distortion boxes).

How to Survive Junior Fall

(11/14/06 11:00am)

Some of you, especially members of the Class of 2008, might have noticed a recent phenomenon known as the junior fall blues. Due to a disproportionate amount of our class being off, the realization that we're more than halfway through college and the beginning of the search for junior summer/off-term internships, we can now be seen hurrying around campus desperate for some semblance of our sanity. Not only are many of our compatriots off or gallivanting about abroad, but those of us who remain get caught in limbo. No longer are we new freshmen, full of excitement for our classmates or with the desire to meet "sweet" upperclassmen and win their approval. Sophomores inevitably get barraged with the "Did you rush? Where?" questions, and immediately begin using their status as a non-freshmen to assert their newfound coolness. Seniors are faced with the job hunt, which is somewhat balanced with being the kings of the school. As juniors, we are faced with the lack of youth we suddenly possess, and the impending realization that there is life outside of Dartmouth.

Misuse of Memorials

(11/14/06 11:00am)

The state of Arizona recently unveiled its memorial commemorating the attacks of Sept. 11. Unfortunately, when the veil came off, it became clear that the memorial had been influenced by commission members wishing to make political statements. Disagreement and controversy over Iraq and the War on Terror are seeping into things as fundamental as our memorials to our dead.

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