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Walking on eggshells

(10/24/06 9:00am)

Sports fans -- We have arrived. These are the golden weeks of sport: the World Series, the NFL season hitting full stride, the NHL underway and the NBA not far off in the future. It's that mystical time in the fall when the heavens align and the world of sport permeates every mind in America. In World Series news, thanks to another brilliant post-season performance by Kenny Rogers and the pine tar on his left hand, the Detroit Tigers have tied the series at one game apiece.

Assessing North Korea

(10/24/06 9:00am)

While there are times when the conservative man on my shoulder spouts vitriol about the unfairness of a leftist monopoly on higher education, recently I have been wondering if perhaps the political discourse in this nation could benefit from a little academic thought. The benefits of academia, underscored for me in the past three years, usually seem to transcend whatever political bias may exist. Nowhere is this more evident than in the recent press coverage of the ongoing nuclear standoff with North Korea.

Daily Debriefing

(10/24/06 9:00am)

John Koch was arrested in the lower level of Baker Library for criminal trespassing on Oct. 2, Hanover Police Chief Giaccone said. The arrest was a result of Koch's violation of a "Dartmouth owned" trespass letter issue in October 2004 after he reportedly propositioned men in a library bathroom. This letter forbade Koch, 78, from trespassing on any property owned by Dartmouth, College Proctor Harry Kinne said, noting that this is the College's most serious trespass letter.

Diversity panel aims to fill positions

(10/24/06 9:00am)

College Provost Barry Scherr held an open meeting for students to discuss the search for replacements for Ozzie Harris and Tommy Lee Woon on Monday evening. Harris was the special assistant to the president for Institutional Diversity and Equity and director of the Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity and Woon, was the associate dean of Student Life for the Office of Pluralism and Leadership who resigned in March and August respectively.

LSAT to adopt changes beginning June 2007

(10/24/06 9:00am)

The Law School Admissions Test will undergo changes starting with the June 2007 test, administrators announced Monday morning. Instead of a single passage and ensuing questions on the LSAT's reading comprehension section, the new version, termed comparative reading, will feature two passages attached to a single set of questions. The reading comprehension section currently accounts for one of the four scored portions of the test.

Student disciplinary cases decline sharply

(10/24/06 9:00am)

Fewer than 430 disciplinary cases were recorded last year, over 200 less than in 2004 -- 2005 and the lowest number in the last six years, according to the recently released Annual Report to the Community of the Dartmouth Undergraduate Disciplinary System. The report also indicates a large decrease in the number of alcohol and drug related cases over previous years.

Messud exceeds expectations with 'Emperor's Children'

(10/24/06 9:00am)

Claire Messud's new book "The Emperor's Children" could very well be subtitled "Great Expectations." The novel, which was released to impressive critical acclaim, interweaves the stories of three friends who first met as talented, promising undergraduates at Brown University (a very fashionable alma mater for fictional characters nowadays) and who have since pursued professional success in the whirl and dazzle of New York City.