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Cronyism Run Amok

(10/11/05 9:00am)

"Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job." So said President George Bush to FEMA Director Michael Brown, shortly before Brown resigned in disgrace due to his agency's poor response to Hurricane Katrina. Several years prior, Brown resigned from his previous job as head of an Arabian horse association, also in disgrace. How did Brownie get his position in FEMA with such a blot on his record? The previous Director of FEMA, Joe Allbaugh, was an old friend of the previous FEMA chief and brought him aboard. Oh well. Given Brown's previous experience, perhaps we should count ourselves lucky that the federal government's response to Katrina wasn't shooting the victims to put them out of their misery. They do it to horses, after all...

Wallace and Gromit make triumphant feature-length debut

(10/10/05 9:00am)

"Consistency," Oscar Wilde once said, "is the last refuge of the unimaginative." Wilde was very perceptive, I think, about a good many things: cynicism, marriage, people who are boring, women who say that they're thirty-five. But in the case of Nick Park and his crew of devoted animators at Aardman Studios, I think there's something to be said for consistency -- consistency in quality, in drawing rich characters and in maintaining, throughout all of their films, that unique brand of gag-filled, tongue-in-cheek humor that has established Wallace and Gromit as two of the most appealing characters in animation history.

Ugly weather and ugly play marks gridiron loss to Yale

(10/10/05 9:00am)

Rain, mud and a stifling Yale defense were more than enough to drown the Big Green at the Yale Bowl on Saturday. Dartmouth (1-3, Ivy 0-2) was unable to halt its slide towards the Ivy League cellar as the Big Green fell to the Bulldogs (2-2, Ivy 2-0) 13-0, shutout by Yale for the first time since 1979. After a season-opening upset over Colgate, Dartmouth has dropped three straight including two Ivy League losses to Penn and now Yale.

Big Green ruggers upend Boston College Eagles 3-1

(10/10/05 9:00am)

Dartmouth men's rugby improved to 3-1 with a solid win over the Boston College Eagles this Saturday. Dartmouth is now in second place, only behind Army, to whom Dartmouth lost in the second week of the season. With only one game remaining in the regular season, a potential win for the ruggers next week over UMass would put the team in solid position for the playoffs.

Men's Soccer wins fifth in a rowBy Nedko Kyuchukov

(10/10/05 9:00am)

The Dartmouth men's soccer team managed to outsmart and outplay Yale earning a narrow 1-0 win at Soccer-Lacrosse Stadium in New Haven, Conn., on Saturday. The Big Green improved to 6-1-3 in the season (Ivy 2-0-0) and increased its winning streak to five games, emerging victorious in the last eight matches. Rock-solid center-back Lucas Richardson '07 gave the Big Green the win with his second game-winning goal this season.

The Truth About Textbook Pricing

(10/10/05 9:00am)

As a Dartmouth alum, class of 2005, and the current general manager of Wheelock Books, I feel that students deserve to have some honest and concrete information regarding what The Dartmouth has called "exorbitant textbook prices" and "the local practice of overcharging students for used textbooks and offering minimal 'buyback' compensation" ("Used textbook exchange to begin in '06," Oct. 5).

Private Action for the Public Good

(10/10/05 9:00am)

It was President Clinton who said once upon a time that "the era of big government is over." I was stricken by the irony of the situation when, less than a month ago, current President George W. Bush said, faced with a massive disaster of both the human and electoral variety, that effectively, the era of big government is back in full swing. But who cares about big government, you ask -- and why is some loony columnist wasting space on the opinion page?

Riner discusses convocation speech on national radio

(10/10/05 9:00am)

Laura Ingraham '85, a conservative political analyst and host of the country's sixth-most popular radio show, brought Student Body President Noah Riner '06, Dartmouth Review editors Michael Ellis '06 and Scott Glabe '06 onto her nationally-syndicated radio talk show Friday to discuss the controversy surrounding Riner's now-infamous convocation speech.