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Fact Over Faith

(11/03/05 11:00am)

In the currently popular discussion of evolution, Kansas has found its way into the middle of what has long been a heated debate. It is in this state, more than any other, that school legislators are attempting to insert what amount to Biblically-based criticisms of Darwinian evolution into the science curriculum. Though this troubles many for a variety of reasons, what troubles me most is that the state, in order to ram their agenda into the classroom, has had the nerve to redefine science to suit their needs.

The Hypocrisy of Protestantism

(11/03/05 11:00am)

Good news is rare amid the bleakness of our affairs. Hurricanes, earthquakes and terror attacks, fundamentalism, strife and nuclear proliferation are all realities of the day. In response, it is the duty of conscientious groups and individuals to strive to remedy the world's ills. It is thus extremely depressing to see the most pressing world catastrophes ignored by the mainline Protestant churches in favor of pursuing the agenda of anti-Semitism under the guise of humanitarian action.

Rampant Political Correctness

(11/03/05 11:00am)

It is a shame that our society and, more importantly, our campus have arrived at a point where political correctness is demanded and, unfortunately, necessary. Being PC appears almost necessary nowadays because the consequences of a politically incorrect statement or action are so great. Radical political correctness maniacs will not hesitate to exploit a minor breach of PC and make an issue out of it. Too many people take themselves way too seriously and ultimately stir up unnecessary controversy.

The Rock cooks his usual stew of fun, gun and dumb with 'Doom'

(11/02/05 11:00am)

Given the limited concept, Andrzej Bartkowiak's cinematic re-imagining of the popular video game "Doom" works surprisingly well. The film will appeal primarily to the segment of the population who remember the original video game from the early-to mid-'90s and those who have played the newly released "Doom 3" game. If you recall the cheat codes, love to deathmatch and know who John Carmack is, you will enjoy this film. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, this will just be another mediocre horror film in the "Aliens" mold.

Caplan shows well for women's tennis in home invite

(11/02/05 11:00am)

The Dartmouth women's tennis team wrapped up their fall season, hosting the Big Green Invitational Oct. 29-31 at the Alexi Boss Tennis Center. Despite several setbacks in the main draw, Jamie Caplan '09 turned in an impressive final-round performance in the B flight, while the rest of the team had a strong showing in the consolation brackets.

The Perks of Freshman Housing

(11/02/05 11:00am)

This is hardly news, but in case anyone has somehow managed to miss the loud, distracting construction going on around campus, here's the skinny: in addition to a variety of classroom and administrative buildings, new residential spaces are being built: the McLaughlin Residential Cluster at North College and Maynard Streets, and the Tuck Mall Residence Halls on Tuck Mall. What is less obvious, but is gradually spreading, is the news of proposed plans to tear down Hinman Hall in the River cluster (to make way for a new business school facility) and to eventually tear down and replace the rest of the residential housing in the River. While the only building coming down for sure in the near future is Hinman (funding does not currently exist to replace French and McLane) the imminent destruction of one of the River dorms got me thinking about the role that all-freshman housing plays in the first-year experience.