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NCAA run ends as BU moves past Big Green on penalty kicks

(11/22/04 11:00am)

After 17 games, the best season in recent years for Dartmouth's men's soccer team is finally over. The Big Green managed to win the Ivy League title outright for the first time since 1992, receiving an NCAA tournament bid for the first time since 2000. In the first round of the tournament, however, Dartmouth lost 4-3 on penalty kicks to Boston University on Friday evening in Boston.

Przepiorka nets game-winner for a Big Green OT victory

(11/22/04 11:00am)

After losing Hugh Jessiman '06 for the season, splitting last weekend's games against mediocre St. Lawrence and Clarkson and starting the year 3-3-0 overall and 2-2-0 in league play, confidence was by no means rampant among the Big Green men's hockey players coming into their most difficult weekend thus far. The prospect of facing off against 16th-ranked Colgate and ninth-ranked Cornell on consecutive nights was undoubtedly foreboding, yet Tanner Glass '07 chose to view it from another angle. "We look at this weekend as an opportunity to prove that we are of the same caliber as these types of teams," said Glass. Even after a demoralizing loss on Friday to Colgate, 2-1, the 2004-2005 men's squad may have done just that.

Bizarre blocked field goal play dooms Big Green

(11/22/04 11:00am)

In what may become one of the most bizarre college football rivalry games, Dartmouth-Princeton is now called the battle of the "1917 Sawhorse Dollar" game. In 2002, Dartmouth alum T.J. Rodgers '70 bet $1 with Princeton's Tad LaFontaine '72. Princeton won the game 38-30 and LaFontaine won the dollar. The 1917 dollar has since been framed and was given for the first time after the game to the Princeton captains for defeating the Big Green.

A Real American Hero

(11/22/04 11:00am)

All too often we forget the sacrifices that people make to ensure a brighter future for us. We lose touch with the most important issues of our lives while harping on the most trivial. Three weeks ago, an event that occurred more than 3,000 miles away, shook my hometown and awoke me to the great sacrifices American soldiers are making for our country and our future.

Clarett's accusations cast a cloud over Ohio State

(11/19/04 11:00am)

Almost two years ago, I wrote a glowing article about Jim Tressel and the Ohio State Buckeyes. They were fresh off a national title and Tressel was the golden boy of a sport under a persistent cloud of scandal. I touted Tressel as the next Joe Paterno: disciplined, conscientious and truly mindful that his charges were students first and athletes second.

Ivy champion soccer squad begins NCAA tournament

(11/19/04 11:00am)

After winning the Ivy League title Sunday with a 2-1 defeat of Brown, the Dartmouth men's soccer team still has much to do before the season's close. The Big Green secured their first NCAA bid since 2000; now, they want to prove that they can match the best in the country. In the first round of the NCAA tournament today, Dartmouth (7-3-6, 5-0-2 Ivy League) will face the Boston University Terriers (10-7-2).

A Draft? No Chance

(11/19/04 11:00am)

The other day, I received a blitz that listed detailed instructions about how to register as a conscientious objector -- a common way to avoid the selective service draft because of religious beliefs. I have to admit that for a split-second I was nervous. I was nervous that the author of the blitz knew something that I didn't. I was nervous that the military draft might be in the process of becoming reinstated. Then I came to my senses. The intelligent and rational voice inside my head reminded me in emphatic fashion that there was absolutely no chance that the selective service draft would ever become an issue in my life.