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Heavies finish in 11th place

(10/28/04 9:00am)

BOSTON, Oct. 24 -- During one of this city's biggest sports weekends in recent history, the Dartmouth heavyweights and lightweights traveled to the Head of the Charles Regatta with hopes of establishing themselves as forces to be reckoned with in the spring racing season. Race officials shortened the course on both days of racing because the wind and choppy water made the course difficult to row.

A UGA's Perspective: Fostering Community in Dartmouth Dorms

(10/28/04 9:00am)

While I agree with Dan Knecht's argument that collective punishment is not an ideal way to deal with dorm damage (The Dartmouth, "Collective Punishment: Bad Idea," October 20), I severely disagree with his last comments. His concluding paragraph states that he believes the Office of Residential Life should "hold UGAs partially responsible for the activities of their residents. Do not fine them, although that would be more 'just' than fining the whole floor since they are paid to supervise their residents, but encourage them to discuss problems with their residents and devise creative ways to stymie dorm damage."

Rivalries Are Fun

(10/28/04 9:00am)

Anyone who had a childhood knows that rivalries are fun. Whether it's a rivalry with that fat kid down the street that really isn't a rivalry at all because you can easily outrun him and pelt him with rocks, or whether it's a "rivalry" with that girl in first grade who you really want to kiss, rivalries are exciting and healthy.

Misplaying the Race Card

(10/28/04 9:00am)

During my time at Dartmouth, I have encountered a disturbing trend among many students -- especially hardcore Democrats -- to resort to name-calling when trying to make some political point. For example, my fellow classmates have told me that "George Bush is an idiot" (he graduated from Yale), "Dick Cheney is a crook" (his ties to Halliburton are ephemeral at best) and "Colin Powell is as white as they come" (I don't know how accusing someone of being white is an insult, but such is often the case at Dartmouth).

I ? Huckabees: Existential comedy leaves viewers puzzled

(10/27/04 9:00am)

When the credits began to roll, the audience, of which I was an assenting part, seemed not to know what to think. The woman in front of me, her hair doused in a particularly potent perfume, shook her head with a confused smile; the man awkwardly lying in the aisle with his head propped up on a rolled-up jacket stood up dazedly, scratching his sideburns as he moved toward the exit.

Big Green rowers crack top 20 in crowded race

(10/27/04 9:00am)

The Dartmouth women's crew team made its presence known this weekend as it headed down to Boston for the 40th Annual Head of the Charles Regatta on the Charles River. The first varsity boat entered the Championship Eight race and finished 20th out of 42 international boats with a time of 12:56.3 on a 2.3 mile racecourse, shortened from three miles because of poor weather conditions.

Women's sailors qualify for Atlantic Coast champs

(10/27/04 9:00am)

While most Dartmouth students spent this sunny Saturday in long pants and fleece, the Big Green sailing team raced toward glory in neoprene and dry suits, securing berths in top regattas throughout the East Coast . Despite the extreme drop in mobility and sex appeal, the sailors once again showed their mettle in heavy winds up and down the Northeast.