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Towey urges faith-based solutions

(11/06/03 11:00am)

While President Bush has garnered criticism over major issues such as Iraq and the economy, yesterday at Dartmouth Hall a member of his administration addressed another flashpoint of controversy -- his proposal to federally fund faith-based charitable organizations. Jim Towey, Director of the Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, spoke about the program's goals and constitutionality.

Sound and Supported

(11/05/03 11:00am)

I applaud the editorial board for opining on the partial-birth abortion ban that becomes law on Wednesday. With almost unprecedented unanimity, horrified Americans have clamored for an end to this procedure that medical experts have said borders on infanticide. The figures are absolutely staggering. Gallup polls indicate that 70 percent of American voters support the ban. Their elected politicians, both at the state and national levels, have represented public opinion well, voting overwhelmingly in favor of the ban. Virtually the entire medical establishment, led by the American Medical Association and PHACT, has supported the legislation.

FSPs for Dummies

(11/05/03 11:00am)

One of the most enticing aspects about Dartmouth is the opportunity to study abroad. Almost half of all Dartmouth students choose to go abroad at least once during their four years here. Economics students have the opportunity to study at Oxford, English majors can analyze literature in Ireland or Trinidad. Biology buffs can even explore the jungles of Central America. Pretty amazing, right? Perhaps you just want to avoid one of those infamous Hanover winters that only an Inuit would love. The LSA, language study abroad program, allows students to stow off to Rome, Barcelona or Toulouse for a term and grapple with a new language. Yes, Dartmouth has more Foreign Study programs than Ben and Jerry's has ice cream flavors. It is indeed quite alluring, but before you sprint over to Wentworth Hall to pick up an application for an FSP or two, there are a few caveats that might make you think twice.

Happy for a Living

(11/04/03 11:00am)

I want to be happy for a living. I am lost. Faced with a sudden swell, an undertow sucking me toward a corporate world, I feel pressured into enlisting myself to causes in which I don't believe, into an army fighting for black numbered territory in some global battle, where strategic objectives are called market share, profit and P/E ratio. Should I buy into these pinstripe prisons and currency incarcerations?