No arrests made in robbery case

by Laura McGann | 11/6/03 6:00am

No arrests have yet been made in the armed robbery of a local pizza delivery man which took place on Oct. 26, according to Hanover Police.

Because the incident may be linked to a string of similar crimes, the Hanover, Lebanon and Hartford police departments are working in collaboration to solve the case.

Hanover Police Chief Nick Giaccone said his force is collaborating with the police departments in Lebanon and Hartford because the Oct. 26 crime may have been perpetrated by the same individual who robbed several other pizza delivery men in the area. "We don't know if it's the same individual," Giaccone said.

The suspect in the Hanover case robbed a C&A pizza delivery man, Jim Dupuis, in an alley between the Alpha Delta and Chi Heorot fraternities after Dupuis delivered pizza to members of the Alpha Delta fraternity. It does not appear that the robber had targeted the delivery man in advance, Giaccone said.

"It might be that that person was there just to rob anyone," Giaccone said. "There was no false delivery or anything."

The incident stands in contrast to the string of incidences which took place in Lebanon and Hartford where robberies occurred after drivers responded to fake phone calls.

"This is different from the pattern and may be of concern to the community," Giaccone said.

Proctor Harry Kinne of Safety and Security said that his department is "cognizant" of the situation and is paying special attention to pizza deliveries on campus. "We are trying to monitor who is coming and going," Kinne said.

He also said the department is taking steps to inform the campus. Officers posted "Crime Alert" signs on residential buildings informing students of the incident. Kinne said he spoke with students on Tuesday night who said they appreciated the notices.

If a student is confronted by someone with a weapon, "give the person whatever they want, don't be aggressive...then go to a blue light phone or call 911," Kinne said. Safety and Security officers are instructed to call 911 if they encounter a robbery situation because they are unarmed and not equipped to fully handle the situation.

"Intervening directly is something we would want the police to do," Kinne said.

Any student with information related to the robbery should notify the Hanover Police, Kinne said.

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