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Prof. reflects on summer of aid work in Karbala

(11/12/03 11:00am)

In the wake of the most recent military conflict on Iraqi soil, cautious civilians carry assault rifles and regard each other with concern. A driver packing a Russian-made automatic weapon may fire at his neighbor over an argument at a stoplight. And for Dartmouth religion professor Kevin Reinhart, that risk had to be weighed every morning of the three months last summer he spent in the Iraqi city of Karbala.

How to Win Iraq

(11/11/03 11:00am)

Iraq is not Vietnam. There is no popular, anti-colonial insurgency in Iraq. Our opponents, who number only in the thousands in a country of 23 million, are despised by the vast majority of Iraqis. The Iraqi insurgents do not enjoy the kind of sanctuary North Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos provided. They do not have a superpower patron. These murderers cannot carry the banner of Iraqi nationalism, as Ho Chi Minh did in Vietnam for decades.

MIT's 'Library Access to Music' makes sharing legal; system could debut at College

(11/11/03 11:00am)

A new music sharing network debuted at Massachusetts Institute of Technology last week, giving students legal access to over 3,500 CDs, and a similar system could be implemented at Dartmouth. However, some major hurdles do exist, Director of Telecommunications and Network Services Robert Johnson said.

In file-sharing debate, fortunes rise and fall

(11/11/03 11:00am)

As the Recording Industry Association of America continues to bear down on illegal file-sharers across the country, Dartmouth has not gone unnoticed. The College has "seen a pick up in the number of complaints from the RIAA" in the form of Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown requests, according to Network Services Director Bill Brawley.

The Crowded Streets

(11/10/03 11:00am)

The church was located in the heart of San Francisco, but you will not find it in a guidebook. The architecture was lavish. Pink marble columns lined the dark nave while light shined through the stained glass windows. The altarpiece was a grand baroque statement. Classical music played in the background. Even on a weekday morning, nearly every pew was filled. There were no awe-struck tourists though. The stench of unwashed bodies hits your nose. A murmur of snores can be discerned. Soon you realize that homeless men and women were sleeping on the wooden pews under thick piles of grey blankets. The soup kitchen next door doesn't open until lunch. Until then, the Mozart morning call at St. Boniface Church is ignored.