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Sex, Lies and Feminism

(05/02/03 9:00am)

Yesterday evening, feminist author Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers gave a speech to the Dartmouth community called, "Sex, Lies, and Feminism," sponsored by the College Republicans and the Independent Women's Forum. Hoff addressed a host of issues relating to feminism and brought to the table many viewpoints not traditionally promoted on liberal college campuses. The speech gave the audience much to ponder, and I've outlined some of my thoughts below.

Contradictions, Responsibilities and the Problem of Evil

(05/01/03 9:00am)

With the war in Iraq over Dartmouth's faculty may decide in the coming weeks to pass a resolution "condemning U.S. action in Iraq and any further occupation outside the jurisdiction of the United Nations while also acknowledging the horrors of Saddam Hussein's fallen regime" (The Dartmouth, April 30, 2003). Such is the campaign being mounted by Professor Shelby Grantham of the English Department, "a long-time veteran of the peace movement" who has even managed to find herself in the pages of the Dartmouth Review. One is led to believe, given what many faculty have said about the war, that the resolution will be passed, and that the sinister neoconservative cabal running the White House foreign policy team will have much to ponder.

Hang Out to Dry

(05/01/03 9:00am)

Attention all Democrats: please pardon Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, the third ranking Senator in the GOP, for his self-incriminating verbiage. The obnoxiously conservative Senator spewed a bit of verbal garbage at the Associated Press the other day, when he equating homosexuality, with incest, bigamy and polygamy. Santorum said the following: