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An Effective Approach to Tobacco Regulation

(05/08/03 9:00am)

Dr. C. Everett Koop '37 said last week that America's tobacco companies are "equally evil" as the sellers of illegal drugs, and that they're the "real terrorists" in our world. With all possible respect to the former surgeon general, whom I have met and admire tremendously, I think his (and everybody else's) insistence on blaming the tobacco companies for the epidemic of cigarette smoking is, these days, illogical and unproductive.

Talk and Awe

(05/08/03 9:00am)

What is particularly galling about the peccadillo caused by Kathleen Reeder's May 2 column in The Dartmouth, "Sex, Lies and Feminism," is that she has not been held accountable for her flawed conception of feminism. To define herself as a "conservative feminist" simply because she "believes in the equality of the sexes" is an innaccurate understanding of feminism. Rather, feminism's central goal is to establish gender equality; other branches of feminism differ in their beliefs about how to achieve this goal, whether that be the "shock and awe" tactics of radical feminism or the "shop and awe" ones of conservative feminism. While I don't necessarily agree with the inflammatory rhetoric of one side (all women should be lesbians, all sex is rape, etc.), I also don't agree with the conservative feminist position either. Like always, I try to appeal to sense, and that, for me, usually lies in between the two positions.

No. 3 Wisconsin bests Green rowers

(05/07/03 9:00am)

The Dartmouth heavyweight crew fell to Wisconsin under adverse racing conditions at Saturday's Cochrane Cup on Lake Mendota, Wis. In first varsity action, third-ranked Wisconsin took the race in 6:01.48 ,while eighth-ranked Dartmouth was less than five seconds off pace, finishing in 6:06.31. M.I.T. followed in third place with a time of 6:55.94 for the 2,000 meter race.

Say No to Spam

(05/07/03 9:00am)

The year: 1978. The place: Digital Equipment Corporation. Digital, one of the largest computer manufacturers of the industry's infancy, has just created its latest computer and is looking for buyers. One Digital employee tries a new way to advertise: he sends an e-mail to every West Coast user of Arpanet, the forerunner of today's internet. Spam is born.