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Picture Perfect

(11/07/02 11:00am)

As I was walking home from class the other day, I noticed that the leaves were slowly beginning to lose their vibrant orange and red and yellow. That, coupled with the fact that it's almost pitch dark by 5:30 p.m., reminded me that winter is, indeed, approaching fast. As much as the idea of a long, cold winter depresses me, I can't help but be thankful for the beautiful fall we've just had. Maybe the leaves weren't as pretty as they have been in past years, maybe it was a tad too cold on certain days, maybe the sun didn't always shine when I wanted it to, but the truth remains that in Hanover, fall is still spectacular. I try to take in all the natural beauty around me, but my admiration isn't limited to just the fall -- every night, as I return home, I look up at the sky to admire the stars that I never get to see at home due to all sorts of pollution. And it was on one crisp, moonlit, fall night that it finally hit me: I'm living in a bubble, a Dartmouth bubble.

Times Are Bleak

(11/07/02 11:00am)

Bombings in Kuta, Indonesia, have led to the confirmed death of more than 250 people. Meanwhile in Rockville, Md., police were finally able to capture the deranged gun-owning psychopath. who believed his killing of innocent people made him the messiah. A statement attributed to Osama bin Laden recently praised the attacks on U.S. Marines in Kuwait and a French oil tanker off Yemen while warning the Western powers to "stop their aggression on us and their support to our enemies." Violence is erupting daily throughout the heart of the Middle East. Poverty levels are rising globally. Global warming is slowly becoming an uncontainable problem, while the World Wildlife Fund confirms that we are operating beyond the earth's resource capacity. Finally, our country, led by the ever-profound President Bush, is seemingly off to fight in the Middle East with the threat of nuclear war looming in the background. This forces the failing economy, corporate scandals and national health care crisis into the secondary nature of contemporary crisis. In the understatement of the young century, I proclaim that "Times are bleak."