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'Sean-Nos Nua' exhibits new take on traditional songs

(11/21/02 11:00am)

For her latest project, one of Ireland's most internationally recognizable musicians decided to go back to her roots and record an album consisting largely of traditional Irish songs -- some generations old, some more recent, but all with a rich historical background. Sinead O'Connor had heard many of the songs for the first time in her childhood, from her father and in school.

Governor Who?

(11/21/02 11:00am)

The elections are over. Now we can breathe, but please do not take too deep a breath. The gusty political whirlwind is about to start anew. Fourteen months from now, New Hampshire will be the political hub for the 2004 presidential elections. We thought it a good idea to look at who might be in the 2004 political whirlwind right now. So we pored over the Democratic contenders: Daschle, Dean, Edwards, Gephardt, Kerry, Gore, Sharpton. One name stands out, or rather, does not stand out: Dean. Who is this fellow?

A Cry for Diversity

(11/20/02 11:00am)

The article "Colleges Find Diversity Is Not Just Numbers" in the Nov. 12 New York Times completely misses the point. First, the article -- which focuses on Dartmouth -- insinuates that the current administration has undertaken a radical program to snatch Dartmouth from the 1950s. Second, the article makes Dartmouth sound like a racist and backward institution where the diversity rehab programs have yet to disabuse students of their "isms." We contend that the necessary structures for integration, which the article was nominally about, exist on campus already in the form of DOC trips, freshman housing and the Greek system at large. Moreover, we could not expect the Times to capture the essence of campus social interactions in two days.

Staying Small

(11/20/02 11:00am)

Alumni, students, faculty and administrators should take a second look at John Strayer's Nov. 6 letter, "Fundamental Questions." In it, Strayer questions the ability of the College to maintain itself as the premier liberal arts institution in the nation while simultaneously attempting to become a better research institution. The College seems to have cooled its attempts to rid the campus of single-sex social institutions, which need to be eliminated from campus as soon as possible. Fraternities have no reason for existence at Dartmouth. They are a relic of 19th century gender anxiety and now reinforce or even strengthen those anxieties. That said, Strayer is correct in stating that the questions surrounding the "Greek crisis" on campus have obscured most other aspects about the growth and health of the College. However, the administration has presented a much greater challenge to traditions with President James Wright's recent words.