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Election 2000 Revisited

(10/30/02 11:00am)

Two years ago, after public fury over the"election" that gave George W. Bush the presidency reached a frenzy, it was almost certain that the 2002 elections would be the perfect opportunity for the millions of voters who did not vote for Bush to exact their revenge. Back then, the midterm elections to be held two years later promised to have great purpose and meaning.

Suicide Squeeze

(10/30/02 11:00am)

The Angels and Giants in the World Series? Did that just happen? Baseball's postseason this month may be "electric;" however, please do not let it fool you. Baseball still has problems. The last minute Aug. 30 baseball strike-averting deal is a hoax. I ask that you look at baseball's disarray in its entirety right now.

Clear Evidence, Clear Threats

(10/29/02 11:00am)

In recent weeks there have been a number of Congressional hearings on whether or not sufficient evidence existed to prevent the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. It seems reasonable to say that if we could have stopped the Sept. 11 attacks before they occurred, most people would have supported such a policy. Yet if one looks at the small amount of evidence we had before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and compares that to the abundance of evidence we have regarding Saddam Hussein's possession and use of biological and chemical weapons, his history of genocide against his own people, his obsession with obtaining nuclear weapons, his record of invading other countries, his repeated lies and violations of U.N. resolutions and his involvement in terrorism and hatred for the United States -- the necessity for regime change should be evident.