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Dartmouth morphs into football force

(11/01/02 11:00am)

Turning the clock back three weeks, Dartmouth football looked a lot different than it does today. The Big Green had just been pummeled by Penn 49-14 the day before and had lost their ninth straight. Their last win had been Oct. 7, 200. Things could not have looked worse for Dartmouth, but somewhere between practice, the weight room and team meetings, something finally clicked.

Unique design, careful building ensure safe bonfire

(11/01/02 11:00am)

What impresses Steve Erickson, assistant director of physical education and recreation, most about the bonfire is not the 35-foot height of the structure or the fact that it is built in only a few days -- although Erickson supervises that effort -- or even the moment when the fire collapses about 40 minutes after being lit, sending a stream of ash and sparks in to the air, beautifully lit by the flames below. It's the fact that it's all cleaned up by the next morning.

Freshmen officially allowed in frats this Homecoming

(11/01/02 11:00am)

This year will mark the first Homecoming with no ban on first-year students attending fraternity parties. But while fraternity presidents and administrators do not foresee a major spike in '06 party attendance this Homecoming, they stressed that freshmen pose an increased risk because of their large numbers, under-age status and lack of familiarity with the Greek scene.

Dartmouth's rich traditions vary throughout the years

(11/01/02 11:00am)

Stories of beloved Homecoming traditions lace Dartmouth's history, but these customs aren't as stable as they may seem. Over the years, Homecoming fixtures such as the bonfire, the freshman sweep, rushing the football field and the green light on Baker Tower have been altered, abolished or created in order to keep up with safety concerns and changing times.

Alumni reunite, reminisce

(11/01/02 11:00am)

Homecoming weekend at Dartmouth is an exciting time for traditions such as the bonfire and the freshman sweep, but underclassmen are not the only ones who converge on the Green to revel in school spirit. Every year tents to receive individual classes of alumni pop up around Hanover, welcoming back alums arriving to reconnect with their Dartmouth days, if only for a weekend.

X.ado set to host Fall Fling

(11/01/02 11:00am)

The leaves of the trees have turned golden. A gust of cold wind whispers across the Green. A sense of romance lingers in the air. You hum a catchy tune -- doo-wop, didee didee. These tiny wonders flood Dartmouth's campus this fall season -- nature's beauty encircles the rituals and rejoicing of Homecoming weekend, including Fall Fling, a Saturday performance of assorted a cappella amusements.

All Fired Up

(11/01/02 11:00am)

I have always been fascinated by fires. There's something about their pristine beauty that has always attracted me. My roommate thinks this fascination is somewhat dangerous given my natural clumsiness, but I think her fears are entirely unfounded. Just because I bump into chairs and drop things on myself all the time doesn't mean that the combination of me and fire is necessarily bad. And even if it were, I don't think she or anyone else could keep me away from one of the prettiest fires I have ever seen: our Homecoming bonfire.

Homecoming Issues

(11/01/02 11:00am)

Fall has arrived, and as Martha Stewart would say, "it's a good thing." The signs of the season are all around us: the leaves are changing color, the '06 girls are realizing that half the campus already owns that J-Crew sweater-jacket they were so proud of buying, and humor columnists are adding strained Martha Stewart references to their pieces.

Homecoming 2002: Editor's Note

(11/01/02 11:00am)

It could be a postcard -- colorful leaves crunch under foot as green-and-white clad students congregate on the Green. The heat of the giant glowing bonfire warms them, while its light reflects on the centuries-old buildings. The freshman class has united for the sweep, while upperclassmen have gathered around to encourage their display of spirit. Alumni surround the students, watching and reliving their own bonfire memories. These people come from every imaginable background, but they all share one thing -- a love for Dartmouth.