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Practical Solutions

(10/23/01 9:00am)

After extensive research (consisting of the reading of several Newsweek articles) I think I can now safely consider myself an expert on our war against Terrorism. I know that right now you are probably saying to yourself: "la-di-dah Captain Expert, if you are so smart why don't you tell us what we should do about this war!" (and perhaps even smirking at your clever use of the word "Captain") Well, thank you for asking, because that is exactly what I am going to do! Sure, I may not know a lot about "military strategy" or "American international politics" or even "where Afghanistan is on a map," but I do know how to type! So without further ado, I am pleased to present my practical solutions for these complex times:


(10/23/01 9:00am)

Have you noticed this new species roaming the country? They look and act just like you or me, for the most part, with one exception -- they seem to have cellular phones surgically grafted to their heads. I thought that, perhaps, I attended college at the one place immune to invasion by these people, but it looks like I'm wrong. I knew this place was doomed, as well, when a phone rang in my econ class. But at least there hasn't been a full-out assault by the cell-phone toters. Recently, I was sitting on a MetroBus in DC, admiring one such implant and picking out bits of conversation.

CMJ Music Marathon offers a little bit of everything

(10/22/01 9:00am)

Twelve days ago I traveled to New York City for the CMJ Music Marathon, a kind of combination of indie-music conference and giant music festival put on by College Music Journal. I have to admit that the main attraction for me was not the discussions and panels, which ran all day for three days and addressed topics from music -- sharing software to the Latin music market to making it as a music journalist.

Politics as Unusual

(10/22/01 9:00am)

Sometimes when people find themselves disagreeing with each other constantly about virtually every detail of every potential solution to every problem they face, a clarifying moment comes along and lays everything out for them. For our government officials, Sept. 11 provided the most stunning clarifying moment in our nation's history. Furthermore, the subsequent anthrax attacks, several of which have been targeted directly at Capitol Hill, have left us all with the realization that party affiliation is not significant when we are united against a foreign enemy. The fact that Senator Tom Daschle is a Democrat did not make an iota of difference to Americans when they learned that his office had been targeted or to the media when it came to covering the story. That is because the partisanship that has saturated American politics for so long has, at least for now, dissolved. Both the House and Senate are approving various new programs and relief packages at a rapid pace and in a nearly unanimous fashion. There are two very important questions that need to be considered here. First, is this new unity necessarily a good thing? Second, how long can we expect it to last?

Nothing But Feelings

(10/22/01 9:00am)

So we Dartmouth students, like any other community or society, have our own lingo. There are some words in this lexicon that are commonly used at college campuses across the nation, like "pong," "dude" and "damn-is-it-freakin-time-to-get-up-already?" Other terms are peculiar to this campus alone, such as "BlitzMail" and "Parkhurst" as a verb. The phrase that I'd like to examine now is possibly a nationwide phenomenon, or possibly a Dartmouth-centered circumstance; I am too lazy to investigate the matter in any great depth. Anyway, the phrase is this:

College offices make Windows switchover

(10/22/01 9:00am)

Lisa Driscoll-Rodimon is an expert on computing at Dartmouth. For over five years, she has worked with both Windows and Macintosh computers as the Dartmouth Card office accounting assistant. But as the push to unify administrative computing on a single operating system intensifies, Driscoll-Rodimon remains ambivalently frustrated over which system is right for her job.

Finnerty '05 rushes football field; takes parents by surprise

(10/22/01 9:00am)

When the parents of Ted Finnerty '05 sent him to Dartmouth, they likely pictured him running around the bonfire, building a snow sculpture on the Green and collecting his diploma at Commencement. So there was an unexpected addition to their photo album on Saturday as they watched police drag a handcuffed Finnerty off Memorial Field.

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