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Big Green picks up second win 79-73

(11/21/01 11:00am)

So far, so good. The Dartmouth women's basketball team (2-0, 0-0 Ivy) continued its winning ways by dropping the Hartford Hawks on the road, 79-73, behind 27 points -- including 16 in the second half -- from Kat Hanks '03 and 26 -- 16 coming in the first half -- from Keri Downs '03. The Big Green shot a scorching 57.7 percent, barely giving Hartford a chance to rebound the ball on the defensive end.

We Are Sorry for Us

(11/21/01 11:00am)

Throughout the course of human affairs, mankind has borne witness to untold injustice and oppression. The reign of Nero, the Spanish Inquisition, the signing of the Bill of Rights -- these are but a few dog-eared pages in the great civics textbook of Historical Iniquity. And yet, cursed as these events surely are, they pale in comparison to the publication of the Dartmouth Jack-O-Lantern.

Police Immaturity

(11/21/01 11:00am)

Last week a phone call was made to the Hanover Police suggesting that the person responsible for the recent sexual assaults on campus was in Food Court. The police, along with campus security, responded quickly and with much gusto. The officers found Timothy Hall '05, in the back part of Thayer dining hall, presumably enjoying his evening meal. Two police officers and two Safety and Security officers then proceeded to escort Hall through the main dining area, so that they could question him in a Dining Services office. The walk through Thayer and the accompanying commotion must have been an experience full of pure humiliation and embarrassment for Hall -- an experience that could have and should have been avoided.

A Hacker's Life

(11/21/01 11:00am)

I know just enough about technology to really get myself screwed. Back in the beige days of computing, before the flowering of iMacs in rainbow and "Flower-Power" (that idea crashed hard), I got suspended for hacking into a mainframe. The mainframe of my middle school. Remember the file-restriction program "At Ease?" Well I made the Islander Middle School administration distinctly uneasy. It was simple, actually. All I did (I should say all we did, hats off to my life-long friend Casey Koon), all we did was click on the "Administration" option in the main menu of that misnamed and now defunct program, and when prompted to type in the password, we guessed the last name of our school's principal. It worked.