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Eye on Education

(05/18/00 9:00am)

Take a look at almost every public opinion poll that tracks the issue preferences of voters across the country and you will find education at or near the top of every list. Decreasing class sizes, improving teacher quality, and providing for poor and disadvantaged students are the priorities of the American public in this election year. Public opinion plays an important role in setting the legislative agenda and it follows that education is an extremely important issue for the men and women on Capitol Hill, as well as state legislatures throughout the country.

The Problem With Communism

(05/18/00 9:00am)

Communism is a good idea, just no one's done it." Those were the words I overheard in the Hop several weeks ago. The student making the statement was commenting about the exchange of letters in The Dartmouth over the visit of the American Communist Party Chair Sam Webb. His comment was a disdainful rebuke to Professor Jindrich Zapletal's criticism of Webb. These sorts of comments are commonplace on college campuses and the strongly held opinion of many of our generation. The understanding is that communism is a wonderful and sound theory that simply has never been put into proper practice. And indeed the student making the comment, said it with a certain level of condescension. He was suggesting that anyone who holds communism to be both bad in practice and in theory is utterly out of touch and confused.

Thirteen Families

(05/18/00 9:00am)

Forty-six years ago, yesterday, nine people finally recognized that separate cannot possibly mean equal. Linda Brown, from Topeka, was tired of riding the bus every day for five miles when there was a school -- a white school, a supposedly "equal," but actually better, school-- just four blocks from her house. Thirteen families, in fact, were tired of situations like that, and, with the support of the NAACP, filed a class action suit against the Board of Education.

No Other Side

(05/18/00 9:00am)

I am writing to provide my perspective on the upcoming May 23rd talk by Yvette Schneider. Schneider will be addressing the question, "Can homosexuals change their orientation?" Yvette Schneider claims to have spent six years as a "practicing lesbian and homosexual rights advocate" before becoming a Christian and "exiting the homosexual lifestyle." She now speaks out against the "homosexual activist agenda" and reaches out to those still "trapped" in that lifestyle, according to the information on the so-called "Family Research Council" website.

My Initiative

(05/17/00 9:00am)

Here it is: Nancy's Student Life Initiative -- an attempt to enhance the quality of living here at Dartmouth. Exactly 2,086 op-ed articles have been written by '03s complaining about Room Draw (one for each rising sophomore currently without housing), so I will not address this issue. Except, of course, to say that I will be living in the basement of South Fayers. Haha! Yay for sexual favors and a complete lack of morality!


(05/17/00 9:00am)

Visualize this: a mother, new born baby at her breast, two young children clinging to her dress and four more children playing by her side. All of them hers and all living in a small village in a developing country.