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'One Flea Spare' full of vitality

(11/14/00 11:00am)

Even with a professional company and months of rehearsal time, it would be difficult to do Naomi Wallace's play, "One Flea Spare," adequate justice. The play is rich in themes and metaphors that resonate both in the past and in the present. Hidden in the language, there are always new treasures to be unearthed and explored. The current staging at the Hopkins Center was produced in a considerably shorter time frame, and the cast and crew comprised of Dartmouth students and faculty had considerable additional demands on their time when compared to professional actors.

So What's The Problem?

(11/14/00 11:00am)

Who'd you hook up with last night?" part one of a panel discussion at KDE sorority took place on Thursday, November 9. On the table was the topic of gender relations at Dartmouth, with particular attention to the sorority perspective. A packed house watched seven panelists -- juniors and seniors, male and female, Greek and unaffiliated -- speak for five minutes each about their own experiences. A lively discussion ensued in which many members of the audience addressed their own difficulties with male-female interactions at Dartmouth, particularly in reference to the Greek system. Despite the complaints, hours later the Greek party scene continued unaffected.

Mike Roberts '00 releases CD of 'Lotus Blooming'

(11/13/00 11:00am)

Only very rarely do I find an album that has a consistent level of quality throughout, like U2s "Joshua Tree" or Paul Simon's "Graceland." Sure, most CDs have a couple of good songs, but often times more than half of any given album is just filler material so that you don't complain when you shell out $17 for what is essentially a CD single. Michael T. Robert's latest work, "Lotus Blooming In a Sea of Fire: A Rock Opera," is one of the few releases I've heard in recent years that can be said to be truly complete.

Respecting the System

(11/13/00 11:00am)

Last week's election will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the most interesting and controversial in American history. It symbolizes that despite the power granted to the government and its officers, the ultimate power still resides among the people, and most especially amongst those who vote. The legal battles have begun, although I find it hard to believe that any court will overthrow the results of an election or order a reelection. There seems little recourse available to those residents of Palm Beach County, Florida who may have mistakenly voted for Patrick Buchanan. There is no way to know who voted for whom and the ballot -- while ridiculously confusing -- was approved by both parties. It appears that incompetence, and not corruption or fraud, is to blame for the confusion.

A Legal President?

(11/13/00 11:00am)

These are perilous times that we live in. Most people, it seems, do not adequately comprehend the risks that underlie the currently unresolved presidential race. The doubts about the authenticity and reliability of the presidential election's results will follow the next president into office and may make the first new president of the 21st century the least powerful president in all of American history. Or what is even scarier is that we may not get any kind of result at all without the intervention of the courts. This past week's events make all the more likely that the results of this election will be decided by a court room, not a ballot box. Regardless of who wins, whose case is thrown out and whose lawyers are more persuasive, because of actions taken by both candidates, we are guaranteed of having a president who will owe his presidency to a judge. Nor is there any turning back. We have exited from the highway of the normal political process and entered a frighteningly uncharted territory of semi-constitutional jurisdiction and tenuous legal authority.