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Whose Discussion?

(11/12/99 11:00am)

I've been surprised of late to find many logical fallacies gracing many of my conversations and the pages of The Dartmouth. The main one I would like to address is that someone who is not part of the Greek system may not have an opinion of it, and if they try to express an opinion of it, they must have a wrong opinion.

Don't Insult Me

(11/12/99 11:00am)

When this whole thing crashed down over our shoulders last February, I was truly angry -- for a few days. When all the initial hubbub subsided and I became caught up in thesis-writing, life decisions, and senior year, I admittedly assumed that somebody else would take care of it, or that it would just take care of itself.

Homecoming Impressions

(11/12/99 11:00am)

Considering the span of time (three weeks) that has progressed since Dartmouth Night and Homecoming, perhaps it is rather anachronous to speak of the experience. Being that it is three whole weeks later (anything longer than a single day being an eternity in the limbo we call college), I will be hard-pressed to relate it with entire accuracy. However, I attempt to do so in the hopes that you will understand and empathize with the visceral responses that the sweep and bonfire induced in me.

Greek Fight

(11/11/99 11:00am)

If you've read any of my columns since the Trustee Initiative was announced, you probably know at least one thing about me: I am a firm believer in the positive aspects and influences of the Greek system at Dartmouth College. Every time I sit down to write a column, I tell myself I'm not going to write about the Greek system yet again. I've said my piece, people know where I stand, it's time to move on. But, deep down inside, I am a boring, scared little man who leads a rather dull and uninteresting life. So if I want to prattle on about the same topic and make the same thinly veiled attacks on the Trustees for six months, please humor me -- it's either that or write really sappy columns about how much I love it here.