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The Dartmouth
April 14, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Debate on Student Life Must Not Become Personal

To the Editor:

Thank you for the extensive reporting and editorial coverage as of late concerning the future of the Greek System. While this focus has certainly forced many other significant issues to be brushed aside, it is clearly a pertinent one addressing concepts of personal development, ownership to spaces, and, perhaps most important, sense of community.

While I have learned, over the past year, that everyone here certainly has different notions of community, I contend that none is possible without a feeling of mutual respect among its members. The Dartmouth, since February, has highlighted controversy and defensive rampages and has simultaneously placed a glaring spotlight on the lack of mutual repsect for diverse opinions on this campus. It is only through constructive dialogue that we can create or attain our collective vision of a future Dartmouth and, while this definitely includes debate or constructive criticism, it certainly should not include personal attacks or social ostracism.

I recommend that people (particularly new members in Greek organizations) think quite seriously about the impact that calling someone a "racist" or a "stastically insignificant" contributor to the campus may have on the sense of community itself. Change will not come into being merely by writing accusatory personal cuts in our campus newspaper. There should be room in our community for each voice to be heard without fear of personal indictment by the so-called "majority".