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New president takes election with only 33% of the vote

(04/21/99 9:00am)

The competitive election predicted by polls last week turned into reality last night, as Dean Krishna '01 and Margaret Kuecker '01 were declared the winners of the Student Assembly presidential and vice presidential races in an election featuring the highest number of voters in almost a decade, but gave neither victor a majority.

You Ought to Be a Mortician

(04/20/99 9:00am)

So, what do you want to be when you grow up? When we were five that was the easiest question in the world. I was going to be a billionaire, my best friend was going to be a ballerina, and my boyfriend was going to be President of the United States. At five, the difficulties or impracticalities of these dreams were irrelevant. At that point we had 15 years or three life spans before we would even graduate college, let alone have to figure out how to turn our dreams into realities. As I approach 21, I am no longer sure that billionaire is the right career choice. In fact, I am no longer sure it is actually a career, although I do have a number of friends majoring in it. However, if billionaire isn't the right career choice, what is?

Trustee Minutes

(04/20/99 9:00am)

Part of being the intrepid, Clark-Kent- turned-Superman reporter that I am is journalistic integrity and an insatiable thirst for knowledge and truth -- a "nose for news" if you will. But the other, more intangible and much larger part, is luck. Pure luck -- and the ability to make stuff up.

Hood Museum war poster exhibit is timely, reflective

(04/19/99 9:00am)

Although the new Hood exhibition "On All Fronts: Posters From the World Wars" in the Dartmouth Collection was planned well before the Kosovo situation unfolded, the exhibition of posters from the First and Second World Wars not only offers an opportunity to reflect on two of the twentieth century's most historic conflicts but also upon the explosive world situation that confronts us today.

Against Democracy

(04/19/99 9:00am)

Modern Americans seem to be losing faith in their government. Voter turnouts continue to fall, apathy reigns, and American citizens are becoming increasingly cynical about the political process taking place in Washington. Nowhere was this more apparent than in the Bill Clinton impeachment proceedings, in which people generally admitted that Clinton's conduct was inappropriate but felt that he was nonetheless a good leader, and that one could not expect any politician to behave honorably. People generally feel that politicians are lying and scheming manipulators. They have therefore come to assume the worst about their leaders. Because of this attitude, all kinds of charges have been leveled at the American people -- that they are no longer willing to take responsibility for their actions, that they simply don't care about what happens anymore, or, worst of all, that they actually revel in the sin that they perceive to be taking place. While all of these may hold some element of truth, I believe that the real blame goes further. Our republican-democratic system of government is the real culprit.

Post-Clooney 'ER' still shows vital signs

(04/16/99 9:00am)

It starts around 3:00 on Thursday afternoon. I receive a blitz reminding me what day of the week it is, and suddenly a bad day becomes good, and a good day becomes even better. Although I am in constant need of reminders along these lines, that is not why I and many others across campus and the country are so excited. To us, Thursdays are synonymous with "ER," and that means one hour of guaranteed quality entertainment.