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Animator reveals his 'Memory'

(05/04/99 9:00am)

"Drawn by Memory", an hour-long animated feature, is the charming tale of young boy struggling with the experience of becoming a man. While it explores familiar themes of boarding school bullies, an overbearing father and the anguish that comes with never having been allowed to own a family dog, the film also reveals accounts of political intrigue, including a harrowing near-escape from Eastern Europe engineered by the CIA.

A Culture of Scorn

(05/04/99 9:00am)

I think I finally figured it out. This Columbine massacre has really gotten me thinking lately. And for someone who is more conditioned to violence than a seven year-old watching the Ultimate Fighting Championship this is an odd thing. I don't know why this particular act of violence caught my eye when so many haven't. Perhaps because the day before it happened I heard a kid go on about his desire to pick off all members of a certain a capella group from Baker tower. I know what you're thinking. "Oh No! We have to look into this!" Listen, this happens all the time. If I had a quarter for every time I've heard someone speak of their desire to hit one particular fraternity with a rocket launcher I'd have at least two dollars. Face it, violence in our society is seen as a joke and most people, ones with a sense of conscience and compassion can differentiate jokes from actions. It is of course unfortunate that we all think violence is a joke, but in order for our brains to explain what we see on the TV, both fiction and non-fiction, sometimes it has to be.

Cool, blue Beth Orton capitalizes on a marvelous voice

(05/03/99 9:00am)

With a miraculous, salty voice never on the verge of breaking, Beth Orton could probably sing just about anything and still get away with it. Thankfully she doesn't, and her new "Central Reservation" is a mild, understated pleasure throughout, atoning for its lack of dynamics with a graceful playing hand and a sense of singularity that is a sure sign of an artist hyper-aware of how to exploit her best sides.

Join Up

(05/03/99 9:00am)

Last night four students were elected to the Membership and Internal Affairs Committee of the Student Assembly. This committee, along with four other students elected next Sunday, will appoint one of the students who will serve on the Trustee Steering Committee on the Five Principles (I bet I don't have to explain what that is ...).

N. H. legislature passes state-wide property tax

(05/03/99 9:00am)

The New Hampshire Legislature was a month past its April 1 deadline last Thursday when it approved an unpopular group of new taxes to fund the state's public schools. The new tax law narrowly averted a state-wide crisis, allowing local governments to collect taxes, keeping schools open for business and preventing mass layoffs of teachers.

Seniors should get to wear the Green tomorrow

(04/30/99 9:00am)

This column is a plea. It's a plea to Big Green baseball skipper Bob Whalen to quit staring at batting averages and earned run averages and search his heart for what is right. Rarely does a manager get to forget about wins and losses and enjoy the simplicity and the beauty of ballplayers being ballplayers. But tomorrow, when first-place Harvard comes to town, Dartmouth will have nothing to play for but pride, having been eliminated from the Ivy League title race last weekend in New Haven. Tomorrow is one of those precious opportunities to bask in the sunshine and play two. It's who will be playing those two that interests me.

Deliver This!

(04/30/99 9:00am)

I hosted a prospective student last weekend, and as we sat in EBA's -- that pantheon of fine Italian cuisine -- it became increasingly apparent that he would attend Dartmouth. After all, his other choice was Cornell, so this would be a no-brainer for most carbon-based life forms (except for those residing in upstate New York). In fact, my prospect found Dartmouth's intellectual ambiance quite appealing and was excited by the Trustees' decision to turn fraternities into lecherous brothels. Our discussion on Dartmouth's eminence appeared to be coming to an end when he threw a curveball: "Cornell delivers food. Do they do that here?" I looked away in shame, my humiliation preventing me from gazing into his eyes. My embarrassment was only matched by his own disappointment. I hope he enjoys Ithaca.

Should the Student Assembly Go? No

(04/30/99 9:00am)

When I look around Dartmouth College, I don't see the ivy-covered bastion of tradition for which we were once known and revered. I see a campus in motion, a campus of change -- for better or for worse. And with change comes the uprooting of tradition and history, something that must always be treated delicately, like a hyperactive kid with a pair of scissors. Recently, I learned that high-ranking college officials were thinking of ending the presence of an integral, influential, powerful and longstanding campus institution: the Student Assembly.