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'Moon' bottles the energy of its genius-madman subject

(11/22/99 11:00am)

Before the expected plot-driven narrative of Milos Forman's "Man on the Moon" starts, Jim Carrey -- completely in character as comic genius Andy Kaufman -- steps onto the screen and speaks directly to the audience. He insists that everyone should go home, because he expects that the movie they are about to watch will be boring.

The Meat and Potatoes

(11/22/99 11:00am)

Thanksgiving is Thursday. Out of all the major secular American holidays, Thanksgiving used to be my least favorite. For me, Thanksgiving had always been like those big couches in Sanborn -- drab, stuffy, and it puts you to sleep. Since I've started college, however, Thanksgiving has been more than just a chance to bulk up my tryptophan-intake while making useless small-talk with distant relatives over cold mashed potatoes, it's been a much needed respite from my busy Dartmouth schedule and a chance to spend time with friends and family back home. So let this column stand as my tribute to Thanksgiving, let this be the platter that I bring to the table, a veritable cornucopia overflowing not with corn, squash, and pumpkin, but with quips, ideas, and inane ramblings.

A Writer Prepares

(11/19/99 11:00am)

As senior fall draws to a close I, like many other seniors, am beginning to think about my future. Actually, the more correct term would be that I am beginning to panic about my future. Due to what Career Services would probably define as a "genetic abnormality," I am not participating in corporate recruiting. Instead, I have decided to pursue a career in journalism, or what my parent's refer to as "starving."

Textbook Wars

(11/19/99 11:00am)

I find it interesting that the National Association of College Stores is suing the online bookstore, The claim of the Association's lawyer is that, " students are being misled regarding [the discounts on books]." The misleading statement in question is Varsitybooks claim that students may save up to 40 percent off "suggested list prices."

Hardwood Politics

(11/19/99 11:00am)

We live in a very media-saturated world. From magazines and newspapers to television and the Internet, the American public enjoys a 24-hour news cycle and constant access to what is going on in the world around us, particularly in the realm of politics. Few would refute the contention that the media influences the political agenda in this country. Furthermore, the crammed nature of the presidential primary season can be attributed to the role of the media keeping the public informed about presidential candidates.

The Case for Due Process

(11/19/99 11:00am)

In a letter to the community dated November 15, 1999 dealing with recent incidents of anti-Semitism, Dean of the College James A. Larimore assured us that "...the College will follow its own rules of due process in pursuing any disciplinary action and will diligently work to ensure that the process is fair." I truly hope that that is the case, because the next few paragraphs will describe to you a recent disciplinary action in which the College did not follow those rules and which was decidedly less than fair.

Looking Back

(11/19/99 11:00am)

As my first term in college draws to a rapidly approaching close, I'm compelled to look back at the past few months and try to piece together as best I can what the heck it was all about. (Oh yeah, this is also a convenient cop-out--who really wants to have to carry one coherent thought all the way through a column?) So, without further ado, some random thoughts from the mind of a first-term freshman. (Please remember that I am a freshman, and accordingly you can take most of this with a shaker full of salt.)