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February 25, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Russo '01 to lead The Dartmouth

Brad Russo '01, a 19-year-old government and economics double major from Stoughton, Mass., will be the next president of The Dartmouth, the current editorial board announced Friday.

Beginning on January 1, 2000, Russo and the rest of the new editorial board will manage a staff of over 100 and a business enterprise with a yearly, self-amassed budget of about $350,000.

As president, Russo will be in charge of both the business and the news sides of the only independent, daily student newspaper at Dartmouth. He will also serve as chairman of the Board of Proprietors of The Dartmouth, Inc., the student-run corporation that owns the newspaper.

"I'm very excited for the upcoming year. It's something we're all looking forward to and it should be a great year for everyone," Russo said from Spain, where he is participating in a study abroad program.

Each fall, the outgoing editors select the new directorate. Current president Jacob T. Elberg '00 announced the members of the incoming editorial board to the staff of The Dartmouth at the annual Changeover ceremony, held at the Casque and Gauntlet Senior Society.

In an interview last night, Russo highlighted some of the changes he hopes to make during his term as president.

"Readers can look forward to more feature-length articles and an expanded op-ed section," he said. "There will also be some alterations to layout and design that will make it easier for readers to adjust to news and make the paper more informative as well."

Russo, who is not affiliated with a fraternity, said he has been thinking about the paper's coverage of the Social and Residential Life Initiative and the steering committee announcement for several months. The committee is expected to release its recommendations the week of January 10, soon after the new directorate takes over.

"Starting from the first few weeks in January, this next year will be an important one both for the College and The Dartmouth," Elberg said. "As sad as I am to be stepping down, I am confident in the ability of the incoming directorate to continue presenting fair and informative news to our readers."

Jennifer Taylor '01 will replace Eun Lee Koh '00 as managing editor and chief operating officer of the newspaper and vice-chairman of the Board of Proprietors.

As second in command at the nation's oldest college newspaper, Taylor will be responsible for all of the daily operations at the newspaper, particularly the news department.

Sujan Patel '01 will take over as business manager and chief financial officer from Betsy Querna '00. Patel will be responsible for all of the newspaper's financial affairs, including advertising and the circulation of The Dartmouth and Dartnews publications.

Debbie Bernstein '01 was named assistant managing editor, replacing Edward Thomas '00. She will be working with the managing editor and will supervise the paper's news staff.

Filling a new position on The Dartmouth, Sarah Rubenstein '01 will serve as features editor. She will work with the managing editor and assistant managing editor and will be responsible for editing in-depth, research-oriented news stories.

Marcia Yablon '00 will serve as the op-ed editor during winter term while Courtney Henning '01 will perform the duties during the upcoming Spring and Fall terms. The outgoing op-ed editor is Matthew McDonald '00.

The associate editor on the incoming directorate will be Hank Leukart '01. He will replace Joseph Scott '00 as the person responsible for the newspaper's design and daily layout.

Austin Zalkin '02 will replace Lou Scerra '01 as sports editor.

The new arts and entertainment editor is John Teti '03. He will be replacing Joe Manera '00.

The photography editor on the incoming directorate will be Jennifer Kay '01, who will replace Danya Pincavage '00.

Jay Krehbiel '01 was named world and nation editor, a position that fell under the managing editor's responsibility for the outgoing directorate.

The Weekend Access section that appears each Friday will be co-edited by Shevani Jaisingh '03 and Jesse McCann '03, replacing Ben Mandelker '01, who led the creation of the section a year ago.

In addition, staff writers Mark Bubriski '02, Omer Ismail '02, Heather Kofke-Egger '02, Julia Levy '02, Andrew Marnell '02, Ritika Nandkeolyar '01, Jeffrey Tanenhaus '02, Wendy Yu '02 and Zalkin were promoted to the position of news editor.