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'Living Out Loud' is a humorous but convoluted film

(11/09/98 11:00am)

"Living Out Loud" is the ambitious, if deeply flawed, directorial debut of screenwriter Robert LaGravenese. Over the past 10 years, LaGravenese has accumulated an impressive, if variegated, collection of screen credits to his name, such as "The Fisher King," "The Mirror Has Two Faces," "The Bridges of Madison County" and, more recently, "The Horse Whisperer" and "Beloved."

One Million Dollars

(11/06/98 11:00am)

Coed Fraternity and Sorority Council, Class Councils, the Collis Governing Board, the Committee on Student Organizations, Dartmouth College Athletic Department, the Hop, the Programming Board, the Office of Residential Life, the Student Assembly and Student Life. What do these groups have in common? They all receive funding from the UFC -- another Dartmouth acronym whose purpose many people do not know. UFC stands for the Undergraduate Finance Committee which will allocate $475,000 this year. The $475,000 comes out of everyone's pocket in the form of a student activities fee of $38.50 each term which the UFC receives. One might think that the College allocates funds to the UFC, but instead the College allocates $0. Nada. Nothing. A College with a $1,000,000,000 endowment does not allocate any of its funds to student activities? How can this be? There must be a reason.

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