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Conan O'Brien talks to The Dartmouth about career

(11/18/98 11:00am)

Just over five years ago, David Letterman left his home at NBC's "Late Night" and moved to CBS where he continued his career with "The Late Show." The search for a "Late Night" replacement was highly publicized with rumors that Dana Carvey or Gary Shandling might take over the show. In the end, NBC surprised the public and chose the then-unknown Conan O'Brien to host "Late Night."

Dr. Heckle, compatriots get under opponents' hide: Juniors Lucas Braun, Jacob Licht and Ben Rifkin pride themselves on torturing Chase Field's visiting teams

(11/18/98 11:00am)

A collection of fans litters the stands of Chase Field at every Dartmouth men's soccer home game. Perhaps 50 to 100 fans, old and young, situated from goal line to goal line, mumble to each other about Big Green teams of yore, their kids' little league soccer and the occasional drunken hookup.

Don't Turn Yourself Off

(11/18/98 11:00am)

This Thursday night, 100 students plan to sleep out in cardboard shelters on Baker lawn. With temperatures dropping and our first snowfall this week, you're probably curious about why we will be doing such a thing. The sleep-out, as well as the movie and discussion that will precede it, is one of a number of events being held this week in conjunction with National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week.

Tough Love

(11/18/98 11:00am)

So I was thinking ... about how to reconcile my mixed feelings about Dartmouth. How can I love a place so deeply that challenges me as a person every single day? As I'm sitting at my computer right now, alone in my room, looking out my window at the snow falling majestically on newly bare trees and the well-landscaped ground, I can't help thinking this place is wonderful. It's perfect.

Pedophiles, stalkers and others seek 'Happiness'

(11/17/98 11:00am)

In "Happiness," writer and director Todd Solanz scratches the surface of normalcy and uncovers perversion, despair, and dysfunction. While this sounds like the recipe for a David Lynch film, it's really not. Solanz's characters aren't inexplicably evil or supernatural. They are unequivocally human and disturbingly empathetic. It is no mean feat to make an audience look candidly at serial pedophiles, murderers and obscene crank callers.

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