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'Bug's Life' never opens wings, leaves audience antsy

(11/19/98 11:00am)

Life at the ant colony hasn't been too stellar for its residents. Not only must the little bugs defend themselves against the tyrannical rule of the grasshoppers, they must also do major damage control when one of the thoughtful-but-clumsy ants, Flik, seriously jeopardizes the hill. That is the cute premise of "A Bug's Life," Disney's second feature-length offering from the computer-animated genre.

Pulling an All-Nighter

(11/19/98 11:00am)

Doing an all-nighter is like running a marathon. Up until midnight, you hardly feel the drowsiness and can shrug off that annoying urge to sleep. When you manage to stay awake till three in the morning, you begin to feel it a bit more and find yourself nodding off to sleep. If you are truly fit (or desperate), you last through the morning and are greeted by sunrise and the birds chirping. Of course, if you are stuck in the basement of Kiewit like me, you hardly notice that it is another day. But your long journey through the night is not over.

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